Girl World- Making Decisions(Sophia's POV)

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'Truth is everyones going to hurt you, you just got to find the ones worth suffering for'-Bob Marley


I woke up with a banging headache,about 130 texts from various people I don't even give two flying flippers about,73 missed calls,bad memories from last night replaying in my head and morning sickness. 'Woohoo loving life.' I mumbled to myself sarcastically as I stumbled to my en-suite bathroom to shove my head down my toilet bowl and hurl.

'Well it's not like you weren't expecting it Sophia, I mean come one your about 6 weeks pregnant now these things were bound to happen.' the stupid little voice in my head said trying to be all sensible.

'Whatever,I just cant wait to pop this little sh*t out so I can have a perfect figure again, I mean look at this bulge' I retorted to the voice whilst inspecting myself in the full legnth mirror. 

'Yeah, you're fat.' the voice said simply.

'Fat,OMG I am not fat you little git.' I screamed at the mirror. 'Sophia is everything okay in there hunny?'  my mum said knocking on my bedroom door, oh crap, I can't believe I was just having a conver- scrap that, arguing with myself! What the hell is wrong with me, I need to pull myself together, Besides,I can't even believe my mothers still talking to me after what went down yesterday,I mean her fainting and all, a tad bit dram(atic) but obvs being my mother,Elyse Bryan,you wouldn't really expect anything less,always the one to take it to the max, my mother,the drama queen,go figure where I got it from. 

'Urm yeah mum, I'm fine.' I replied whilst quickly splashing my face with water and brushing my teeth, as I knew what was coming next, she was going to hesitate and ask whether she could come in for a chat yardiyardiya, and then say she was dissapointed in me but we needed to make a decision etc etc. 'Can I come in?'she asked through the door, that was clearly a rhetorical question because she'd already opened the door and was halfway in my room when she asked that question, 'Sure.' I replied sitting on my kingsized bed whilst she sat on my pink chair. 'Well I guess we need to talk' my mother began, she says 'we' but she's going to be the one doing all the talking I thought to myself and predictably she did. Do all the talking that is. 'I hope you're okay sweetheart.' she said after a couple of minutes of her ranting. Okay? O-fucking-kay? Was she absolutely retarded? I had been decieved. By all my so-called friends,Alana?Okay I knew she had it in her to be back-stabbing and bitchy,hell we'd grown up together,I'd seen this one coming Alana had always been jealous of me, simply because everything she had,I had-but better,everything she did,I'd done. Up until I came to this godforsaken town Alana was the best,she had all the respect,she had everything,she was the queen.Then I came and injected some life into this drab place and Alana got pushed to the side,she resented that,so I knew one day she'd turn,no surprise,no biggie,no loss to me. However Lex? Wow. I definetly did not see that one coming, I genuinely thought Lexie was my friend,she was so innocent and pure and nice and then I made her into a mini-me. That's where I went wrong, I shouldn't have tried to change her, I should've let her stay herself and be original, but I wanted her to be just like me.How that backfired eh. I created my own beautiful monster myself, a replica of me and that's what makes it so evil. 

'I'm fine.' I replied to my mother and although it was a lie, I wasn't, I knew I would be,maybe not today,maybe not tomorow but I would eventually, I was Sophia freakin' Bryan, and nothing is going to stop me from being the baddest bitch, with or without them.

My mother ranted on some more and I tuned out til I heard that one word, 'abortion.'

'I mean, theres no need for you to feel like you have to keep it 'cause everyone knows, you can just have the abortion pretend like nothing happened and deny the whole thing.' My mother suggested obviously thinking she was doing me a favour, but really she was doing herself the favour,she couldn't  bear the thought of her High Society real desperate wives of Hampshire friends gossiping about Elyse's teen daughter a single pregnant stereotypical teen mum.No way,the shame,the horror of it all.(note the sarcasm). 'Abortion?Are you joking,there is no way I'm killing this baby mother, it's alive and breathing, it's already got a heartbeat do you know that? and it's finger and things are all developing already, my baby is already forming and you want me to kill it?Fuck that.'I retorted to her my face heating at the disgusting thought of killing it, I know I'm evil but not that evil,no way. Her face looked shocked. 'A baby's a big responsibility Sophia, no partying, no drinking,no smoking.' she told me trying to make me change my mind, but once I made a decision I stuck with it. 'I know.' I said looking her in the eye, willing her to back down. 'Well I guess I'm going to be a granny then.' she half whispered glancing at my stomach before walking out of the room. Wahey I grinned to myself patting my stomach, We're going to show them aren't we baby? We're going to show that dumb bitch Lexie, and that backstabbing bitch Alana that we're not afraid, they think it's going to take gossip to make us breakdown. I'm Sophia fucking Bryan and I'm going to be the sexiest god damn pregnant teen this towns seen, so fucking hot all those bitches are going to wish they were preggo.

Haters you can kill yo'selfs.

Authors note: Hey guys, I wanted to do a chappie in Sophia's POV just so you guys could get a taste of what she's feeling aswell, I like Sophia more than Lexie now hehe, what about you guys? I hope you enjoyed this chapter, let me know if you think sophia made the right decision or you knew she was going to make that decision. Who do you think the dad is aswell? I know sophia thinks its joe but it could be Leon aswell. Dun Dun DUn. ANyway thank you for reading this you beauuutiful people and I love y'all loads and loadssssssssssssssssssss!

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