Don't Whistle At Night

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When the sun dies out,

And it's the stars who are bright,

I think you should take my advice,

And never whistle at night.

If the streets are empty,

And there is no more light,

I'm telling you,

You really  shouldn't whistle at night.

But you don't like to follow the rules.

With every little thing, there's always a fight.

But listen to me! I'm warning you,

Do not ever  whistle at night.

Don't form your lips,

And breathe in quite right,

To make a cute little melody,

Because you should NEVER whistle at night.

Because if you do,

You'll see a strange sight.

Bodies walking towards you,

All because you wanted to whistle at night.

They think you called them.

Stumbling slowly, packed in tight.

Even though I already told you,

Never to whistle at night.

Clawing and screaming,

The dead want a bite,

You did this. I told you not to.

I told you not to whistle at night.

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