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I am nothing more but a doll

Skin porcelain

Dress of pearl white

Eyes lifeless

On the shelf I sit

In the same position

Of the same room

With the same eternity

The transition was easy

'Me' became 'it'

As easy as

One slap at dawn

Two kicks in the morning

Three punches in the afternoon

Four lashes at dusk

Five kisses at night

His lips so soft

His fists so hard

I am nothing more but a doll

Shut red lips

Shoes tiny and black

Cheeks rosy

I was trained well

To be plastic

To be stiff

Dead people are stiff, too

Dead people don't hope

Dead people don't wish

I am not dead

So I can hope

And I can wish

To be dead

I am nothing more but

His prized possession

In the collection

Of his big mission

To make girls dolls

For so long I've sat

For the rest I'll sit

And gather dust

Because I am nothing more but a doll

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