Karma's A Bitch

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You teased her, you played her.

You turned her life into hell.

She wanted nothing more than your love,

But you don't kiss and tell.

Why would you treat her so?

Call her such mean names?

What had she done to you

For you to bring her such shame?

You're the reason for her fall.

The reason why she's dead.

She thought of you as she picked up the gun,

And the reason why she bled.

And it was at her funeral

When you finally understood.

What words could do and what they had done,

As you watched from beneath your hood.

And now you regret it,

Knowing what you did.

You're a killer, a murderer.

Sins that you must forbid.

Tears slid down your face,

As you lay on the bed.

Something touches your hand

And the sight fills you with dread.

A paper is there, 3 single words,

Her letter from the ditch.

It says 'I loved you.'

Karma is such a bitch.

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