The Razor Blade

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"When the razor, pills, and knives seem to be whispering your name, know that I am screaming yours at the top of my lungs because I love you and I don't want you to hurt yourself, ever."

I'm a razor blade with no heart.

I am metal, cold and gray.

I am your best friend.

You use me everyday.

You turn to me,

With every insult and hate.

A single whisper,

And you fall to the bait.

The pain you long for,

Is that what you want to feel?

You use me as an escape,

But the pain is always real.

What you feel inside,

Is not what you say.

But when we're alone,

Beside you, bloody I lay.

You hide me in your drawer,

Pretend that I'm not here.

Hoping no one would discover,

Hoping the scars would disappear.

Just know that I'm there.

Waiting for you to come home.

Take me out,

Because you'll always be alone.

You've hurt yourself,

But is that what you really want?

You're lonely, hurt, and hopeless.

Depressed, broken, and gaunt.

But the sun will keep rising,

And it will break through the cloud.

And the one that hovers over you,

Perhaps some day, it will not shroud.

The stars will keep on shining,

And maybe you might not.

The world will shine not for nature,

But for how hard you've fought.

Happy is a word,

That has no meaning anymore.

But time will keep on passing.

Seconds going one...two...three...four.

You'll pass with it.

And become that word you want to be.

It might take some time,

But one day, maybe, just'll be happy.

You'll be okay.

The scars will fade.

Please don't use me again.

I'm nothing but a bloody razor blade.

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