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A jump not taken.

A fall not fallen.

One breath not stolen.

And one life not lost.

A hard decision, really. 

The choice to end your life,

To end the pain, the torment, the voices.

The hate.

And everything that ever made you unhappy.

To stop the numbness,

Shutting out the world,

And not expecting anything so you won't be disappointed in the end.

And all you had to do was jump.

But you didn't.

Why not?

Was it because of him?

The one who never loved you?

The one who called you a pig, a whore, a failure?

You've spared your life for him.


Just hoping.

The he would notice.

He never did.

So you hope.

Your secret world of paradise.

It's your escape.

Your end of nightmares we call reality.

And you wonder.

Just wondering...

How long before you snap?

Before that jump is taken?

That fall is fallen?

The breath was stolen,

And the life that's lost?

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