Monsters Under My Bed

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"We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized they were inside of us."

Smiles are faked.

Lies are said.

There are monsters

Under my bed.

Pills are swallowed.

Blood is shed.

Monsters are sleeping,

Under my bed.

Suicidal thoughts,

Running through my head.

Monsters are hiding,

Under my bed.

Sanity is gone,

The sink is red.

Monsters are laying,

Under my bed.

Tears are sliding,

Falling ahead.

Monsters are whispering,

Under my bed.

Pick a coffin,

Cold and dead.

Monsters are planning something,

Under my bed.

Say your prayers, loud and clear,

A final goodbye is said.

Because there are monsters

Under my bed.






All under the bed.

But they're not.

Because they're in my head.

Sick little monsters,

Under the bed.

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