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Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, killer's not sane,

Bake me a pie with limbs and brains!

Maybe some toes, add a few drops of blood.

A couple of fingers and a spoonful of

       m u d.

Don't forget the livers, that's a must!

Some mushy brown intestines for a sweet, golden crust.

Maybe a few strands of hair,

And a strip of skin to make it all f




Some bugs will do just fine!

Throw in some centipedes and a small dash of brine,

A rotten piece of meat adds the flavor,

Your pie will soon be ready to eat and savor!

Hold on, you must not leave yet! 

The most important part remains.

A beautiful, throbbing  h e a r t  covered in veins.

Just drop it in and grind it all up,

Squeeze some pretty red b-l-o-o-d into your cup.

Pat it and prick it and mark it with an A.

Clean up the remains before they decay!

One last thing, you're almost free...

Try a piece, won't you? Just for me.

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