Russian Roulette

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6 chances and 1 bullet.

You'll have no one to blame.

6 people but only 5 survive,

It's a twisted game.

You have no vigor.

Sitting in that chair.

Sweating profusely,

The single, most dangerous dare.

The gun is in front of you.

Watch how they stare.

Hoping you'll be the unlucky one,

Hoping they will be spared.

You wonder if it's your last minute.

If you'll ever see the sky.

Will you gamble your life away?

How much will your family cry?

Your hands are shaking,

As you pick up the gun.

Put it to your head,

Just a little, harmless fun.

But the trigger is pulled,

And you drop dead.

The unfortunate game

of Russian Roulette.

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