Chapter 6: Losing You

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Dysn's POV

Mia took me to Victoria's Bridal and Prom Dress Shop. My sister went here for her prom. I remember helping her pick out a dress. It was pure torture.

Mia's POV

"Hey Meels" said the clerk.

"Hey" I replied.

"Why does everyone call you that" Dysn asked.

"Because my real name is--" I was cut off.

"What brings you here, prom?" the clerk asked.

"Yeah" I said back, sounding annoyed.

"How do you know him?" Dysn asked intrigued.

"My sister owns the store" I said while blushing.

"Whoa" he said in shock. I just continued to blush. I walked over to the designer rack of dresses that were my size, and picked out a few that caught my eye.

"I'll be back" I yelled as I walked toward the dressing room. I poked my head out of the curtain. Dysn directed his attention towards me. "Classy or edgy?" I asked him. He just shrugged his shoulders. "Fine, but I'm not leaving until we choose one" I said trying to lift his spirits. I pulled my head back in, and grabbed a basic light pink/off white dress(#1). It fit like a glove but it was to basic. I pulled the curtain back causing Dysn to lift his head from his phone. "What do you think?" I asked him, praying he wouldn't like it.

"Basic bitch" he said with sass.

"Thank God, I was thinking the same thing" I said, laughing at his reaction. I closed the curtain, and tried on a two piece dress that was pretty and flowing(#2). To be honest, I don't think I could've last two hours in that dress. It was a struggle to get on, and was really uncomfortable. I pulled the curtain back again. Dysn looked me up and down.

"It's so, formal" he said disapprovingly.

"Well, we are going to PROM!" I replied with attitude. He just looked at me. "Whatever" I said, and walked back into the dressing room. The third dress I tried on made me feel stereotypical. I was always the princess of the family, and that dress said it all. I walked out of the dressing room. "I hate it" I said while twirling around.

"It's--" Dysn said trying not to be mean.

"Yeah I know" I said while storming back into the dressing room. I picked up my final dress(#4). It had a tie at the back, that I couldn't do on my own. "Dysn, I need your help" I shouted from inside the dressing room. He slowly pulled the curtain, and tried to tie the intricate strings together.

"Okay, this is impossible" he whined.

"Try harder" I instructed him. He sighed, as he began to try again. His fingers grazed my back, which tickled a lot. "Stop, that tickles" I said while laughing. He began to chuckle. He placed his fingers on my back, and began to rub his thumbs in circles. His hands slowly made their way down my waist. I turned around and got lost in his eyes. He gently placed his lips on mine, trying not to come on too strong. He cupped his hands around my cheeks, as our lips moved in sync. I slowly pulled away. "Is this an invitation to prom?" I asked, mocking him.

"I know you're going with Jaxon, and I'm just afraid of losing you" he said discouraged. I pecked his cheek.

"Well that means you need to go to prom with me"

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