Chapter 7: The Night Before Prom

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~~~~~~Friday Night Before Prom~~~~~~

Mia's POV

"Okay. I have a nail appointment at 10, I have to pick my dress up at 1, I have lunch reservations with Sahar, Kels and Savannah at 1:45, a hair appointment at 3, a makeup appointment at 6, and then straight to prom by 8:30" I said to my mom.

"Sounds like a lot, are you sure you can handle it. I can be your personal chauffeur if you'd like" my mother said, sounding concerned.

"It's okay my friend Jaxon will be here around 9:30 to pick me up" I said, while getting ready for bed.

"Okay, I'll let you get your sleep" my mom said as she exited the room. I quickly grabbed my phone from my nightstand, and began to text Dysn.

Mia: my mom left, the coast is clear
Dysn🎲❤️: I'll be there in a sec

I put my phone back on my nightstand, and unlocked my window. I walked over to my vanity, and began to brush my hair. I heard my window glide open. I turned to see a blonde Dysn sitting on my window ledge. "How was the climb" I said jokingly.

"Brutal" he said while combing his fingers through his hair.

"I'll be back" I said while walking to the bathroom. I left the door open just a little. I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste, and began to brush my teeth. As I walked out of the bathroom, there was a shirtless Dysn sitting on the floor. I walked over to him and sat on his lap, facing away from him. I rested my head back on his shoulder and started to braid my hair in two French braids. I turned to face him and began to play with his hair.

"What are you doing" he whispered.

"It's your turn" I whispered back to him.

"Stop, I hate when people touch my hair" he whined.

"I'm not just a person, I'm your prom date, I can touch your hair if I want to" I demanded. He began to pout. I gently placed my lips on his and started to rub my fingers down his abs. My fingers stopped at his v-line. I traced the line with my fingers, as he let out a slight moan. "Woah" I said as our lips parted. He smiled and began to place kisses down my neck. I tried so hard not to moan, but that's nearly impossible. My hands found their way to his, as I began to stand up. I guided him to my bathroom, because if we did it on my bed, my mom could easily walk in. "Don't ask" I said as rolled my eyes and continued to kiss him. He lifted me up and placed me on the countertop. He began to pull my shirt off, breaking the kiss. I was left in my Victoria's Secret lace bra, and my VS PINK joggers. Suddenly, I heard my bedroom door open.

"Mia?" my mom called.

"I'm in the bathroom, mom" I said hoping she wouldn't come in.

"Who's shirt is this" she said asking about Dysn's Kanary shirt.

"It's just Kelsey's" I said praying she wouldn't realize that it says "men's" on the tag.

"Okay, well dinner's ready when you are" she said as she closed the door. Dysn let out a sigh.

"We'll save this for later" I said, kissing his cheek. "I'll bring you dinner in a sec" I said as I left the room. But when I came back, Dysn was gone and the window was open. I ran towards the window and saw Dysn on the lawn, waving at me. Ugh. I crawled in my bed, and dreamed about going to prom with Dysn. I mean, Jaxon. Oops

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