Chapter 14: Movie Scene

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Mia's POV

Today is the day that Dysn is going to be preforming with his sister Morgan(Nhala) at the Union Nightclub in Los Angles. They invited me along with Devyn, Kelsey, Sahar, Cole, Brooke, and Jaxon.

Dysn's POV

I have a surprise for Mia. I asked Sahar and Kelsey for their forgiveness. But Kelsey said she's only on board because of Mia, and Sahar really doesn't care. The only person that doesn't know about the surprise is Mia.

Mia's POV
5:00 P.M.

I have no clue what to wear. "Ughhhhh" I yell, loud enough for the whole house to hear me. I hear someone walking up the stairs. Suddenly, my door opened.

"Are you okay in there?" My younger sister Amanda asked with the door half open.

"I need your help" I said, gesturing to the pile of clothes on the floor. Amanda stood in front of the pile of clothes, and furrowed her brow. She picked up a black crop top and a pair of jeans(above).

"And those" she said while pointing to my pair of Adidas(above).

"You're a life saver. Thanks sis" I said while practically shoving her out the door.


After getting dressed and doing my makeup, I received another one of those strange texts.

RANDOM#: aren't you grounded, bitch?
Me: who are you?
RANDOM#: didn't i tell you not to ask?
RANDOM#: hopefully mommy and daddy don't find out you're sneaking around, that would be horrible.

Just then I got a another text, but it was from Dysn.  He was outside of my window with a ladder. Suddenly, the house phone rang. I gasped, and swung my legs out of the window and scurried down the ladder. I looked up at my window, while panting.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Dysn asked worriedly. I continued to look up. I noticed the lights turn on in each room, one after the other. It must have been my mom, LOOKING FOR ME!

"Run!!!!" I screamed, as Dysn and I both ran to his car. He reversed out of my driveway, and drove off.  "Those texts. Th-that person! Who the hell is that?" We came to an abrupt stop.

"What the hell are you talking about, Mia?" Dysn asked, concerned. I showed him my phone, and he shook his head. "What does this have to do with anything?" he asked, making me frustrated.

"What do you mean 'What does this have to do with anything?' This person called my mom. They told her I left. They're watching me, IN MY HOUSE! Any second now we're gonna hear sirens 'cause I'm sure this psycho bitch probably called the cops on me already" I said in one breath.

"Look, this person sounds really sketchy. But right now, I just wanna have a good time with you. Don't let this fucking creep ruin our fun" Dysn said while rubbing my thigh. I took a deep breath and put my hand on top of his.

When we reached the venue, it was pretty empty. Dysn and the rest of the band still had to set up. "Wait in the car while we set up" Dysn said.

"Wait" I said while grabbing his arm. "Why can't I go in with you" I said seductively. He smirked and closed the door. "Wait! Dysn, I wasn't kidding! I don't like being alone! Especially in the dark!" I yelled, but it was too late. welp.

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