Chapter 10: Distance

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Mia's POV
Today is the first day of summer vacation. Sahar, Madison, and Kelsey invited me to the mall. We went straight to the food court, as usual. "Oh my god, is that-" I said before being cut off.

"Ew" Sahar said after me.

"What a bitch, thinking he can just show up to our spot" Kelsey said, sounding disgusted.

"I don't understand why you guys hate him. Dysn's getting enough hate on social media already for 'cheating' on Sahar" Madison sympathized.

"Ugh, please don't remind me" Sahar said after sipping on her coffee.

"OMG! Act casual, he's coming" Kelsey said while panicking.

"We're already acting casual" I said causing everyone to giggle.

"Good job girls, keep acting like your having fun" Kelsey said while laughing. I just shook my head at her absurdity, until he got to our table.

"Hey" he said, depressingly.

"Hi" Madison said while waving. Everyone gave her the "what the fuck are you doing?" look. "What?" She asked, confused. Everyone just rolled their eyes.

"Why don't you sit down with us?" I said trying to be polite. Sahar looked at me like I had two heads. "We're not going to make him sit alone, are we really that mean?" I asked. It was dead silent. Dysn pulled a chair next to ME, and sat down on it. He kept looking down at his phone. I was on Snapchat, so I took a video of him texting. I captioned it "Dysn got hoes", and added to my story. Because I'm pretty much internet famous now, it got millions of views. Including, Dysn. I noticed that I got a text from him after I uploaded the video.
Dys🎲: i only have feelings for you
Me: get over it
Dys🎲: it's not that easy :(
Me: i'm trying to surround myself with ppl who love me, so can u pls excuse yourself from the table
Dys🎲: you can't get rid of me
I turned my phone off as I made an announcement, "I think we have some shopping to do". "I agree" said Sahar. Everyone got up and left, as I lagged behind. I looked at Dysn as I raised my eyebrows. "I just did" said as I whipped my head back around.
"I'm home!" I yelled, making sure everyone could hear me. My youngest sister Olivia walked out of her room. "So, what did you buy me?" She asked, sounding like a brat. I pulled a Starbucks drink out of the tray. "Here, don't tell mom" I whispered. Olivia wasn't supposed to have coffee, because it interferes with her meds. She has a disorder called Histrionic Personality Disorder. She's always the center of attention, and she's easily capable of losing her mind. She used to be in a mental institution, but she "worked her way through her problems", at least that's what the doctors said. She always makes threats toward me if I don't give her coffee, but what she doesn't know is that it's decaf. She claims it gives her enough energy to control people. She snatched her drink and ran back into her room. I walked into my room, and dumped my new clothes on my bed. I shuffled through them as I found a crumpled piece of paper. I opened it up, and written on it was an address and a time. It was signed by Dysn. I crumpled it back up, and trew it in my trash. "Mia!" My mom screamed at the top of her lungs. I ran to my door and opened it. She was holding a Starbucks cup in one hand, and my sister's wrist in the other. Oh my god. "What the hell is wrong with you" she screamed at me. "She threatened me" I yelled back, pointing at Olivia. "She's thirteen" my mom said as she placed her hand on her hip. "You know what she's capable of saying. Don't you remember? You already tested her." I snapped back at her.

Last year, before my sister "went away", she threatened to tell my dad that my mom was cheating on him. She threatened my mom to give her money, and if she didn't, all of her secrets would spill. That's when my mom decided to give her the treatment she needed.

My eyes started to water, my throat began to hurt. I ran back to my room and slammed the door. My heart was racing. I jumped on my bed and began to cry and scream. I took a deep breath, and plugged my earbuds into my ears. I pressed play, and Hennessy by Jaxon ft. Dysn, came on. All I could here were the lyrics over and over again.

And now its bye bye baby
Now its bye bye baby

That's when I realized that Dysn wasn't just some kid that I needed distance from.

P.S. Olivia is kind of inspired by Mona from PLL. One day, I'll do her POV so you can see what goes on in her head.

AOOTD: Rihanna

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