Chapter 8: Almost Show Time

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Dysn's POV

I left Mia's house, because Sahar sent out an S.O.S text. But when I got to her place, her parents said she wasn't home. I'm not really worried because she probably went out to do something for prom.

Mia's POV

"I'll get it" I yelled from my room. I ran down the long spiral staircase, and unlocked the door.

"Hola" Jaxon said jokingly.

"My mom made breakfast, feel free to eat something. I'm gonna go get dressed" I said, pointing towards my room. I made my way upstairs, and threw on some clothes(above). I put half of my hair up, and curled my ends. I rushed back downstairs to eat breakfast with Jaxon. "So, first up is my nail appointment. You don't have to stay and wait" I said to Jaxon. "

Great, that leaves time for me to pick up my tux" Jaxon said sounding relieved.

"A tux? You said this was just as friends!" I said, making sure he kept his word.

"Mia, this is prom. What do you want me to wear, jeans?" He said with attitude.

"Oh yea, I guess" I said.

~~~~~~Lunch With The Girls~~~~~

Setting: Du-Par's 😉
Time: 2:00 P.M.

"Omg, Mia, what does the dress look like?" Savannah asked.

"It's a surprise, but Dysn actually helped me pick it out" I said confidently.

"Speaking of Dysn, last night I sent him an S.O.S, but I chickened out" Sahar said nervously.

"Why?" Everyone asked in unison.

"Well, I was gonna ask him to prom" she said sadly. What the actual F****. To be honest, I kinda told her that I had no interest in Dysn. And, she kind of thinks that I'm going to prom with Jaxon, so...

"Omg you should ask him" Savannah said

...And in that moment, I got so mad at Sav for saying that, but she had no clue about my history with Dysn. Now that I think about it, no one does. We've both never mentioned the fact that we almost did it in my bathroom, or that we're seeing each other, kind of. If Sahar didn't chicken out, would Dysn say yes? Being the bitch that he is, he probably would of said yes, just to annoy me. So, I thought about it.

"I think it's a great idea for you go to prom with him. In fact, I'll help you pick out a dress" I said to Sahar. Sahar looked concerned.

"Are you sure, because I know you two--" Sahar said before being cut off.

"I'm absolutely positive" I said, while nodding my head.

"Okay, so when?" Sahar said curiously.

"Um, right now! I have until 3. We still have about 30 mins. The place isn't far, we can make it in time if we leave now!" I said while gathering my things.

"Bye guys see you later!" Sahar said while blowing a kiss.


We got to my sister's store. It was completely busy. It was like the whole city of LA was in that little shop. I walked in and automatically picked the first dress that I tried on that day with Dysn. "I like it, simple and elegant. How much?" Sahar said cluelessly. She didn't know that I could get a dress for free. I skipped everyone that was waiting in line. The clerk, Anthony, gave me a look as to why I was buying a second dress. I quickly turned to Sahar and explained everything. I turned heads as I walked out of the store with a free dress. "How?" Sahar said, amazed.

"Look at the name! My sister owns this place!" I said while throwing my hands in the air.

"Remind me to come here when I get married" she said while laughing.

~~~~~Fast Forward To 7:30~~~~~

Setting: Limo
Characters: Mia, Dysn, Sahar, Savannah(Hudson), Jaxon, Kelsey, Ryland, Madison(Beer), Jack G, Jack J
(I know the Jacks went to prom in Omaha, but this is our prom and we invited them:))

Dysn's POV
Mia insisted that I went to prom with Sahar. I'm actually not surprised, because I know that she wants to keep things between us private. The limo ride was interesting. I sat in between Sahar and Jaxon, because Mia refused to sit next to me. There was good music, cute couples, fancy clothes, and food. We even sang karaoke, and told embarrassing stories about each other. When we got out of the limo, screaming girls crowded around Madison and the Jacks. We all walked to the front door, hand in hand. Here we are, prom.

A/N: The only reason I ended it here was because I wanted them to walk into prom with a clean slate(new chapter). 

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