Chapter 4: Stalked(part 2)

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Mia's POV
I was in the screening room, when the doorbell rang. (If you couldn't tell already, my parents are filthy rich. They work as interior decorators, so our house is HUGE and modern). I didn't know who it was, so I peeked through the window. I saw two girls and A BOY!!!!! I can't believe Dysn would do that. I ran towards the door and turned each individual lock. Suddenly, someone just burst in, and almost slammed the door in my face.

"Surprise!" Dysn shouted.

"Did you overdose on coffee, or what?" I said  sluggishly.

"Common, get in your party spirit, Meels" Kelsey said excitedly. Kels was the only one who knew my real name.

"Why is everyone so pumped up?" I questioned.

"I know right, I haven't seen Dysn this happy, since-" Sahar paused. "Ever" she continued laughing. Kelsey walked over to my kitchen and grabbed a bag of popcorn kernels.

"Come on Mia, this always makes you happy." Kelsey said while waving the bag in the air. Ever since Kelsey and I had our first sleepover, we always ate popcorn and picked two movies. One was a scary movie, the other was a little kid movie that we would watch after, so that we wouldn't have nightmares. "Dysn, you know the drill." Kelsey commanded. He picked out Insidious Chapter 3, and The Rugrats Movie. I guess he was in on our little technique too. Sahar grabbed the blankets and pillows from the closet, and set them up on the sofa, Dysn set up the movie, Kelsey poured the popcorn into a bowl, and I grabbed the Starbucks drinks from the countertop.

"It's starting!"

Everyone scrambled to sit on the couch. Just great...I'm sitting next to Dysn, who is sitting next to Sahar. It's like fate is telling him to hurry up and choose the love of his life.

~~~~~~~~~Fast Forward~~~~~~~~

Both of the movies were done, and it was 3 A.M.  I had dozed off, but I quickly woke up and realized the movie was over. I looked around and saw that Sahar and me were the only ones awake. I looked down to see Dysn's fingers interlocked with mine. I quickly covered our hands with the blanket and smiled as I began to drift back to sleep.


Everyone woke up and started to go find a bed to sleep in. Dysn was in Noah's bedroom downstairs, Sahar was in the guest room, and Kelsey was in Liv's bedroom.

I was half asleep, when I heard footsteps trudging upstairs. As the door slowly opened, I quickly shut my eyes and pretended that I was asleep. I felt something plop on my bed. I looked up and noticed that Dysn found my dog Mona. He looked angry. I began to laugh.

"Leave her alone" I whispered.

"She took over my bed" Dysn replied.

"She's a human too" I said giggling. Mo ran back downstairs. Dysn slowly climbed in my bed hoping I wouldn't notice. "What are you doing?" I whispered.

"I'm not gonna get any sleep with Mona in my bed." He replied.

"Ugh, whatever" I said, giving in. He had a good point, so why not? He continued to crawl in my bed.


Dysn's POV

Ugh, school. I opened my eyes to see Mia still sleeping. Her eyelashes were long and dark, her hair was curly and messy. She looked so peaceful. I began to stare at her lips. I was so focused, I didn't notice when she woke up. "Are you okay?" She asked noticing that I was awake.

"Oh yeah" I said. I quickly snapped out of it, and got up to get dressed. As I walked past the other rooms, I could hear that Sahar was in the bathroom, and Kelsey's door was still shut. I turned the doorknob, but it was locked. I figured that she was getting dressed. So I went into Mia's room to ask to use her bathroom.

Mia's POV

I heard knocking on the door. "It's me" Dysn said.

"I'm trying to take a shower." I replied.

"Ugh, hurry up!" he replied impatiently.

"Fine, I'll unlock the door and count to 3" I said nervously. I didn't hear a response. "One" I said as I unlocked the door. "Two" I said, jumping back into the bathtub. "Three" I said, pulling the curtain. I heard the door creep open.

"Can I open my eyes?" he said jokingly.

"Nothing to see here" I replied sarcastically. The faucet began to run and then it stopped. The door closed shut. I turned the shower off, and began to reach for my towel. "Really?" I yelled to Dysn.

"What?" he said playing dumb.

"My towel!" I said angrily.

"Oh, that old thing" he said while laughing. I heard footsteps walking towards the bathroom. He flung my towel over the curtain rod, but as I went to reach for it, he snatched it. I poked my head out. "Come and get it" he said with a smirk.

"Well, I guess we're never going to make it to school" I said with sarcasm.

"Works for me" he responded. After about two minutes, I started to get cold.

"It's getting cold!" I whined.

"Fine, but don't say I didn't give you a choice." he said with a sigh. What did he mean? What was he about to do? Suddenly, the curtain was pulled back, revealing everything.

"OMG Dys!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Here" he said handing me HIS towel. "Ugh, what did I do to deserve this?" I questioned. He shrugged his shoulders as he walked away. He acted so nonchalant, like he's seen me naked before. Stalker Alert!!!!!

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