Chapter 5: Hell On Earth

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Thank you SOOOOOO much for over 100 reads<3. I actually didn't expect to see so many Dysn fans out there, so s/o to the fam!!!!! I love you guys so much. If you keep voting, I'll try to be more consistent. It's just that I'm a babysitter, and I have summer homework to do and I'm basically stressing out. Plus, I kind of forgot that Wattpad existed for a while so...enjoy
SIDENOTE: Jaxon is our age in this story.

Mia's POV
Everything felt different on the way to school. "Can I ride with you?" Dysn asked me, sounding nervous.

"It's whatever" I said trying to distance myself from him. As we were walking to the car, I tossed him the keys.

"You're letting me drive?" he said excitedly.

"I don't see why not" I said realizing I set myself up for a trap. Usually, guys grip their hands around your thigh when the drive. What did I just do? As I climbed into the passenger's seat, I quickly stared to regret everything: letting him sleep over, holding my hand, sneaking in my room, letting him see me NAKED. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this guy is a total creep. I began to lean towards the window, just in case he tried to do something. I made sure my thighs were far away from him. Then, I realized I looked kind of stupid.

"Are you okay?" He asked jokingly.

"Oh, yeah I'm fine, I guess." I replied hesitantly.

"Is it my driving?" He asked concerned.

"Huh? Oh, no your driving is great. I mean it's not great, wait I meant-- You know what I'm not okay. I just keep thinking about last night and this morning. I kept replaying those days over and over again in my head. I actually started to think you were some kind of perv. But, I realized that's really stupid and judgmental. I'm really sorry I was acting weird. I'm just not used to this whole affection thing." I finally stated.  I began to feel relieved until there was an awkward silence.

"Okay" he said as we pulled up to school.

"Okay", just an "okay". I basically wrote him an apology for my behavior, and all I get is "okay"?

"Wait up!" I said trying to catch up to him. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket. My lock screen was flooded with texts from Kelsey and Sahar.

Kels💓: umm????
Sahar😇: so, Dysn😏
Kels💓: reality check: THATS MY BROTHER
Kels💓: tell Dysn I love him, but he needs to back off of my best fren😬
Sahar😇: I say, go for it, but beware of the heartbreak💔

I began to laugh as they headed my way. "Reality check, he's way out of my league" I said mocking Kelsey. She just rolled her eyes and continue walking. I walked to first period as I saw prom posters plastered on the walls. Ugh, more drama. I continued to walk, as I entered Chemistry. I looked behind me, to see a focused Dysn. I have to admit he looked so adorable. Omg it's starting again. The feelings, the admiration, the affection. Somehow being with Dysn always made me feel this way. But I can't say I didn't like it. I faced forward and managed to pay attention in class while doodling Dysn's name in my notebook. The bell rang, and everyone went fleeing out. I was gathering my stuff, when someone came up to me.

"I'm not blind, Mia" Dysn said while laughing. I believe he was referring to my notebook. Oh great, he saw it. All day, there were people in the halls making these adorable prom-posals. I have to admit, I would like having a real date to prom, but real dates are overrated. I was walking to my locker, when my friend, who was also Dysn's friend, came up to me.

"Hey Jaxon" I said to him.

" Hey" he said sounding weird. "Do you mind if we like, show up to prom together, not like as a date, but as friends?" He asked nervous.

"If it's just as friends, why do you sound nervous?" I questioned.

"Because asking someone to prom is kind of a big deal, especially a guy asking a girl" he said with attitude.

"Okay fine" I said as he handed me a ticket. I started to blush, because I always had a crush on Jaxon ever since he moved to LA. Sahar began to walk up to me.

"Jaxon?" She asked completely shocked.

"Just as friends, silly" I said, trying not to think about how I wanted to go with Dysn.

"There's no such thing as going to prom with a boy friend" she said.

"Nothing serious is going to happen, okay?" I said trying reassure her.

"Whatever, hot-stuff" she said while laughing.

Kelsey came running up to us. "Guess what?!?!"

"What?" we said at the same time.

"Ryland just asked Savannah to prom" Kelsey said frantically.

"Aww" we said in unison.


The day was finally over. The final bell rang, and I rushed out as soon as possible. I waited for Dysn at my car, but he didn't show up. I began to open the car door, as I saw him sprinting towards me.

"I'll ride with Sahar and Kelsey if you want me to" he said, while catching his breath.

"No, it's fine, hop in" I said as I started the engine. He jumped into the back seat. "Are you serious?" I said wondering why he was sitting back there.

"You need your space" he said trying to be friendly. I turned to look at him. All I could do was smile. He looked so confused, but it was cute, which made me smile even more. I began to start driving.

"Are you going to prom" I asked him, starting to regret it.

"Nah, it's overrated" he said totally brushing it off.

"Not even with you friends. You know, just for fun. You don't even have to dress up--" I said before being cut off.

"Is this an invitation to prom?" He questioned shockingly.

"No, I was invited by a friend and I thought you would like to come along. I wouldn't want you to be alone at home on prom night" I said persuasively.

"Um yea sure" he replied sounding disappointed.

"You know what, let's take a detour!" I said while making a U-Turn.

"Where are we going" he asked nervously.

"It's a surprise, I know you hate those" I said while smiling. I could see that he was shaking his head through my rear view mirror. I just continued to smile.

"We're here" I said in a high pitched voice.

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