Chapter 7

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Narrator's POV

Miku stares down at Len. Regret fills her chest. Grandmother Luka watches as the scene unfolds in front of her until Miku suddenly runs out of the house.
"Eh-Red!" Grandmother Luka tries to call her back. She doesn't respond so she leaves Miku be. Grandmother Luka comes back in the house. She removes her mask and apron.
".....Len Kagamine, is it?" He nods, silently. Luka unties him and sets the rope in the table. Len doesn't move in inch, shocked by what just happened. Luka sets a glass of water in front of him.
"I apologize. Red is a very nice girl. It must be hard for her to process all of...
this." Len listens quietly. A drop of blood falls from his cheek.
"Oh my-I'll go get a-" Len grips her arm to stop her from leaving the room.
He nods his head left to right to tell her no.
"Are you sure? It looks painful."

"I've had worse." He whispers under his breath.

"...It'll get infected if we don't treat it." She leaves and comes back with a bandage. Len winces as she puts on the bandage.
"There you go...better." Luka sits back down.


Silence fills the room.

"So...It seems like you really like her." Luka teasingly says

Len looks away, a blush spread across his face.
"I do but...I think she hates me now..."

"Oh come on! She doesn't hate you."

"How do you know?...If she liked me so much then-......" Len caresses the bandaid on his cheek.

"Trust me. She's a teenage girl. You know how teens much drama..."

"Even if she doesn't hate me, I don't think a girl like her and a monster like me will be able to be together."

"Well...You've got a better shot at her than Kaito does!"


"You see...He's liked her ever since they were kids. You on the other hand, somehow made her fall for you in under a week."

Len chuckles at her statement. Luka stands up from her chair and stretches.

"We should get going! Miku ran into the woods somewhere and the sun is starting to set."

"I could go find her." Len stands up.

"Eh? How?"

Len points at his nose.

"Oh...right. Wolf...Um, take this." Luka hands Len Miku's red hoodie. Len leaves the small house and goes into the woods.

Miku's POV

Oh no...I'm lost....One minute I'm running away, the next minute I don't even know where I am. I'm... scared. Len...Grandmother...Help me. I'm cold and my feet hurt.

"Miku! Miku!"

"Len?-......Kaito." For some reason I feel slightly depressed...

"Geez Miku. Where were you going?" Kaito walks up to me, out of breath.

"...Nowhere. What are you doing here?"

"I followed you because I was worried. Kaito smiles at me sincerely.

"Gomen'nasai....I didn't mean to worry you." I smile back. It's fake but I'm trying to smile.

"Daijobū. Anyway, what happened?" He caresses my cheek.

"What do you mean? I'm fine...." I shove his hand away and look the other direction.

"...You were crying. I could tell because your eyes are sort of red and puffy."

"......I don't want to talk about it..."

"...Ok. Come on, Let's go home..." Kaito starts walking. I follow behind him.

✧・゚: ** To be continued...✧・゚: **

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