Chapter 4

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Kaito's POV

I really hate this guy....

"Anyway...Can you handle her by yourself?"

"Of course I can. I've been taking care of her ever since we were kids." I start walking on the path.

"....Can I ask you something?" He follows behind.


"Do you think she likes you?"


"You hesitated-"

"Ok, No! S-She doesn't like me."


"That doesn't mean I'm willing to give her your back."

"Fine by me." He shrugs his shoulders.

We walk in silence for a small while.

"Hmm...Kaito?..." Miku grips my shirt.

"It's okay...We're almost there."

~time skip~

*knock knock*

"Um Megurine-sama? It's me, Kaito."

Grandma Megurine opens the front door. Kagamine hides in a nearby tree. She immediately runs up to me.

"Red! Oh my goodness, Kaito what happened?"

"She's just alittle sick, no need to worry."

"Oh...ok.*sigh* well, Come come."

Megurine-sama invites me inside. I help her carry Miku up to her room and set her down on her bed.
Megurine-sama sets a wet cloth on her forehead.

"I'll go make some tea." She leaves the room.

*tap tap tap*
Kagamine taps on the bedroom window. I open it for him and he climbs in.

"What are you doing? Couldn't you have just came in by the front door?"

"No...because then she would've seen me. I can't risk that."

Narrator's POV

"What do you mean? It's not like you're a monster..." Kaito sits down on a nearby chair. Len flinches. A cold sweat runs down his back.

".......So, how is she?" Kagamine sits on the edge of the bed and caresses Miku's cheek.

"She'll be fine by tomorrow. Just a small flu....or cold. I don't really know." Kaito shrugs.

"Ne, are you going to sleep here?"

"No...My sister might get worried. I'll have to get back later."

*knock knock* Hurriedly, Kagamine hides under the bed. Grandmother Megurine opens the door and peeks in.
"Kaito, I made tea. Would you like some?"

"Sure, I'll be right there." Kaito stands up from where he was sitting and leaves the room. Kagamine gets out from under the bed and shuts the door. He sits back on the edge of the bed like before and stares at the slightly ill Miku....As if he's watching over her.

~time skip~

"Mmm...Kaito? Grandmother?....ow"
My head hurts...

Miku sits up and searches her surroundings. A wet cloth falls into her hands. She sets it on the night table next to her bed. A hand grips her wrist. Miku becomes startled and screams. A hand covers her mouth. Kagamine comes out from under the covers and gets on top of her.

Miku's POV

What the heck is going on here-Did he sleep in my bed?! While I was in it?!

"Sorry Miku but....don't say anything as soon as I let you go, okay?"

I nod. He releases his hands from my mouth and my wrist.

"Geez! What are you doing here?!" I whisper as I get dressed.

"I fell asleep while watching over you. Perhaps this bed was to comfortable for me to stay away from."

"Well-You didn't have to sleep in the same bed I was sleeping in. What if my grandmother came in and found you? She would get the wrong idea...." I blush.

"Right....My bad. I didn't mean to startle you." Kagamine sits up.

"It's okay...Are you hungry? I could bring breakfast up here for you if you are." I walk over to the door and turn around to ask him.

"Breakfast? O-Ok."

"Good. I'll be right back..." I close my door and walk downstairs to the kitchen.

✧・゚: ** To be continued...✧・゚: **

P.S. I drew....that.⤵️


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