Chapter 10

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Kaito's POV

The sun has set and we can't really see much. We're following Len because he can apparently see in the dark much better than us. Stupid adaptations...

"There are a bunch of animals at this time of night so be careful." Len tells us as he cautiously slows down.

"It'll be safer if Miku holds my hand; I'll be able to protect her." Len turns around to face me with a smug look on his face.

"Ah-" He takes Miku's gentle, tiny hands into his and proceeds walking. Jealousy begins to grow inside me so I take her other hand.

"If that's the case then I guess you don't mind if I keep an eye on her too. And who knows what could happen to me??"

".....Fine. If you want to play like that then I'll play to." Len says. I glance over at miku who seems to be in complete confusion in what Len must be speaking of. I lightly nod my head at him, as if agreeing to a challenge.

Miku's POV

"Phew! I'm...getting a bit....lightheaded..." Len lowers his gaze and crouches down. He holds his head with his hand and begins breathing heavily.

"Hey...Hey? I-Is something wrong, Are you alright?..." I ask worriedly.

"Ha....Ha...." He starts to sound as if he's running out of breath. I begin to panic. A cold sweat runs down my back.

"O-Ok, Well- just lay up against the tree and-- Eep!"

Len places both hands against the tree on either side of my head. My heart rate begins accelerating and so does the blood rushing to my cheeks. His face is so close to mine, our noses are almost able to touch.

"U-Um..." Nearly able to sense my uncomfortableness from a mile away, I press my hands onto his rock hard chest to lightly push him away. He doesn't budge and instead, moves even closer.
"Ahem!"  Kaito says loudly.

"I don't think it's very appropriate to get so close to a lady without her permission." He stretches out his arm between us. Len furrows his brows in an annoyed manner. My palms start to get sweaty.
Why do they always have to argue?!?

✧・゚: ** To be continued...✧・゚: **

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