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Error: The Virus by ivecreasedtoexist
Error: The Virusby imasdeadasthisaccount
3 words. What is real? -- I DO NOT OWN VOCALOID
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(Len X Miku) Bully to boyfriend (COMPLETED) by Maryammadawaki
(Len X Miku) Bully to boyfriend (C...by Maryam madawaki
What happens when the person you've despised so much takes a liking to you? Miku hatsune is book worm that wants to finish high school and graduate with out any m...
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Vocaloid high by vocaloidFOREVER6
Vocaloid highby vocaloidFOREVER6
It's a new year at vocaloid high...there's two new students that are transfer to vocaloid high how would there life be? How are the people going to treat them? Is the bo...
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Spice! by twisted-blur
Spice!by twisted-blur
Based on the song Spice! by Len Kagamine. So I like my twin sister. Sure. She doesn't like me back - and that sucks for me. Especially since she has a boyfriend. Maybe I...
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The Rolling Girl by TheCandyChild
The Rolling Girlby ..
Miku Hatsune is the 'Rolling Girl'. She rarely gets anything done correctly, and has parents who expect her to be perfect- to be like the flawless child they've never ha...
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Fated To Be With (Miku x Len) by MeganeDesu
Fated To Be With (Miku x Len)by BLERP
Miku Hatsune is a straight A college student. But her life wasn't normal. She had a bad past and wants to get rid of it. Until she met a boy name Len Kagamine, a popular...
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(Len x Miku) Bully no more (sequel to Bully to boyfriend) by maryamabubkar
(Len x Miku) Bully no more (sequel...by maryamabubkar
It's been five years since the tragic break up between Len and Miku. Miku is now a famous Japanese pop star and Len has taken over the company after the death of...
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Fallen Love (Completed) by WaitingForAFall
Fallen Love (Completed)by WaitingForAFall
Miku Hatsune is a shy girl that keeps herself away from boys. Then she met a boy in the library named Len Kagamine. Len Kagamine is also a shy boy but clumsy that keeps...
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Hardened by TheCandyChild
Hardenedby ..
When Rin Kagamine's brother reappears after two years as mysteriously as he disappeared, Miku Hatsune's life begins to get a little crazier as she takes an interest in R...
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Sounds Under The Starless Sky. (LenKu) [EDITING] by zakurakiri
Sounds Under The Starless Sky. (Le...by look, I'm fine-
Hatsune Miku, the girl who lost her beautiful voice after an accident, is living in a school. This school wasn't like any other school, it makes every child happy until...
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Watching Where You Go [WITH EXTRAS!] by SoraKate67570
Watching Where You Go [WITH EXTRAS...by Agnes (Sora)
Deleted the previous horrible description and now I forgotten what this story's about -Decided to put extras -Edit 25/3/17: Not into vocaloid fandom anymore so no more u...
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vocaloid - summer school! by littlehappyotaku
vocaloid - summer school!by littlehappyotaku
miku is a girl with amazing singing abilities and huge potential, but don't have any good friends or social life. when she comes to an special summer school for kids lik...
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Truth or Dare Miku and Len by braavy
Truth or Dare Miku and Lenby ヤナ
/Miku: STOP IT LEN IT'S RECORD- Oh, hi! Here you can- Len: YOU CAN ASK! Miku: And dare us.. [But no.. he has to be so afraid of dares..] Len: *Sticks tongue out to Miku...
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Heat (Len x Miku) by Boobleenboo
Heat (Len x Miku)by Boobleenboo
I want to not love you but....it's so hard...
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Because Of.... (Miku x Len) by DarkSkyLuna
Because Of.... (Miku x Len)by Luna at It's Finest
This Amazing Cover was made by : @AthenaRose9451 (She was the only one to join the little contest but seriously this cover is wonderful^^)
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Vocaloid Life | stopped. by kthara
Vocaloid Life | stopped.by tae’s
An untold fairytale of a young lady who suffered from a cruel thing called 'love'. Will she stay strong and fight? Contains LenKu. DellKu. GakuLuka. Etc.
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The Boy From The Stars by TheCandyChild
The Boy From The Starsby ..
Miku Hatsune's life has always been boring. She's always yearned for some excitement in her life, and boy did she get it. A boy who seems to be badly beaten and wearing...
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Uproar of Teacher and Girl by YubiFanficts
Uproar of Teacher and Girlby YubiFanficts
Hatsune Miku, with family tragedies at home, was more than willing to give up any chance to make her life better, to make her smile again. Noticing her behavior, her div...
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What Is Love? (A Miku X Len Fanfic) (DISCONTINUED) by AinohanaRinkaku
What Is Love? (A Miku X Len Fanfic...by OkiDokiTodoroki
Meet Miku Hatsune, a well-known student entering Cryptonloid High. She was known for her family's wealth, and for her talent in music, especially her melodious singing v...
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The Beast by ivecreasedtoexist
The Beastby imasdeadasthisaccount
What if I told you that there was an alternate dimension? ------------------ I DONT OWN VOCALOIDS
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