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(Len X Miku) Bully to boyfriend (COMPLETED) by Maryammadawaki
(Len X Miku) Bully to boyfriend (C...by Maryam madawaki
What happens when the person you've despised so much takes a liking to you? Miku hatsune is book worm that wants to finish high school and graduate with out any m...
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Can't forget you (Len x Miku) COMPLETED by enysauroll
Can't forget you (Len x Miku) COMP...by Ryne
Miku is an adopted girl, she has a step brother name Kaito and her parents are Ayano Higurumi and Keno Hatsune. Miku is a normal girl, she likes singing it's one of her...
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MxL Cafe ☕ by curledstardust
MxL Cafe ☕by ♡
Read Lenku... Manga/ Doujinshi/ Comic Here!! Deviantart: MikuxLen MMD/TDA comic is also available! So, I've already read all of these and I just wanted to share it all M...
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Hurt, then Loved by SnowSakura_01
Hurt, then Lovedby Sakura
Miku and Rin are best friends, but are bullied by their classmates and their family left them, taking Mikuo and Len who comforted them. Now, they are helping each other...
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El típico mujeriego y la chica de lentes  (ACTUALIZACIONES LENTAS) by Lenku2612
El típico mujeriego y la chica de...by L.K
Len, un chico de 16 años que solo le gusta jugar con las chicas, ¿La razón?, no se sabe aún, le gusta burlarse de su ex-amiga, Miku, ya que ella por razones del mundo tu...
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Ashe Reacts to Vocaloids, Vocaloid Songs And Ships by AsheCorinthos
Ashe Reacts to Vocaloids, Vocaloid...by ~Ashe~
In which I list Vocaloids, certain songs and ships, and my opinions on them. I pretty much ignore hateful opinions, just so y'all know. I will express mine here- you don...
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The Beast by ivecreasedtoexist
The Beastby imasdeadasthisaccount
What if I told you that there was an alternate dimension? ------------------ I DONT OWN VOCALOIDS
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What Is Love? (A Miku X Len Fanfic) (DISCONTINUED) by AinohanaRinkaku
What Is Love? (A Miku X Len Fanfic...by OkiDokiTodoroki
Meet Miku Hatsune, a well-known student entering Cryptonloid High. She was known for her family's wealth, and for her talent in music, especially her melodious singing v...
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MikuXlen Sketchbook by Elves_Coffee
MikuXlen Sketchbookby Jen
A sketchbook A book where you draw. Even the simplest of minds understand. But is it really just drawings or a whole other meaning. Miku hatsune : 18years old Senio...
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The One (LenKu) by Smillingkittens
The One (LenKu)by speckles of dust
Len, student in Crypton High School, never found anything called "love" but then he met Miku Hatsune, a new transfer student. Will she be The One?
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The Boy From The Stars by TheCandyChild
The Boy From The Starsby ..
Miku Hatsune's life has always been boring. She's always yearned for some excitement in her life, and boy did she get it. A boy who seems to be badly beaten and wearing...
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Big Bad Love (LenXMiku) by Pandapartners
Big Bad Love (LenXMiku)by Pandapartners
Miku-Little Red Riding Hood Len-The Big Bad Wolf Luka-Miku's Grandmother Kaito-Miku's Childhood Friend Rin-The deceased little red riding hood Miku-My Grandmother once t...
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Hardened by TheCandyChild
Hardenedby ..
When Rin Kagamine's brother reappears after two years as mysteriously as he disappeared, Miku Hatsune's life begins to get a little crazier as she takes an interest in R...
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My Weird Love Life. (Miku x Len) by zakurakiri
My Weird Love Life. (Miku x Len)by look, I'm fine-
Len Kagamine is a 16 years old boy. He is in the high school and he have a twin sister named Rin Kagamine. He has a big crush on her best friend, Miku Hatsune, since mid...
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Sounds Under The Starless Sky. (LenKu) [EDITING] by zakurakiri
Sounds Under The Starless Sky. (Le...by look, I'm fine-
Hatsune Miku, the girl who lost her beautiful voice after an accident, is living in a school. This school wasn't like any other school, it makes every child happy until...
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Determined by TheCandyChild
Determinedby ..
Len Kagamine never meant for the fiery tealette named Miku Hatsune to get involved with his 'secret' life. But after Miku is forcefully, violently, and suddenly thrown i...
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Lenku (A Len x Miku Fanfic) by Real_Life_Real_You
Lenku (A Len x Miku Fanfic)by Lizzie Chan
!Disclaimer! I don't own the characters and I barely know them and sorry if there a re grammar errors and I also would like you guys to know that whatever happens in the...
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The Classic Tale of You and Me by shirai-hisaishi
The Classic Tale of You and Meby Shirai Hisaishi
Farm boys. Len and Rei have different dreams, different goals in life, but both have the thirst to achieve those. Their ideas are distinct colors that will never mix but...
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Mine (LenxMiku/Lenku/MikuxLen) by _guppy_
Mine (LenxMiku/Lenku/MikuxLen)by guppy
Miku was always with Mikuo, her brother. Exactly like Len was always with Rin, his sister. Miku and Mikuo (along with Rin and Len) are as thick as thieves. Len couldn't...
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The Rolling Girl by TheCandyChild
The Rolling Girlby ..
Miku Hatsune is the 'Rolling Girl'. She rarely gets anything done correctly, and has parents who expect her to be perfect- to be like the flawless child they've never ha...
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