Chapter 6

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Miku's POV

Len and I depart from each other.

"Len Kagamine, H-Hajimemashite."
He bows gracefully. Grandmother Luka stares at him with the most sweetest smile.

I-Is she alright?

"Well...It's very nice to meet you too, Kagamine. Would you like to come downstairs for breakfast?" Grandmother Luka grips the doorknob.

"Oh um...Grandmother, he already ate-" I interfere

"No no! It's fine..." Len gives us a toothy smile.

"Alright, let's go." Grandmother leaves my room, Len follows. I can hear them make small talk in the hallway.

What is wrong with Grandmother?! She never acted so calm. Especially in this situation...I hope she doesn't lose control.

I walk downstairs. Len is tied to a chair with very thick rope

"Len! What the-"

"Red, please step aside." Grandmother comes into the room with an apron, a mask and a chainsaw.

"Grandmother, are you insane?!"

"Red, go into the other room. I don't want blood all over your red clothes...Actually, nevermind."

"W-Wait! What are you going to do to him?" I step in front of Len.

"I'm going to send this puppy to heaven dear. Now move." She turns the chainsaw on.

"Why? He hasn't done anything wrong!"

"Red...Do you know who this is?" Grandmother points her chainsaw at Len.

"Yeah, Len Kagamine. He saved my life...."

"He has the same blood as the monster who killed you parents. You've got to understand Red." Grandmother's eyes are filled with fear.

"My parents?...N-Nonsense!" Grandmother told me the were killed by a mugger.

"Miku, It's true." He says quietly.

"B-But, You're a good person! I know you are!"

"....." Len lowers his head in silence.
I stare at him in disbelief.

He's not a bad person! He's not even evil! Right? He's not acted that way around me at all. But...what if grandmother is telling the truth. What'll happen after that?...

"But...You rescued me from drowning..."

"...I was ordered to rescue you because I was the one who was supposed to kill you."

"What?..." I back away from him.

"You've heard of red riding hood, yes?"

"Y-Yes...What about it?" I cross my arms. It's a story my mother used to read to me before I go to bed. It was one of my favorites...

"In the original story, I was said to eat you and your grandmother. Your grandmother being the one having to suffer more than you."

"That's...That's so-" My face goes pale.

"Gruesome, I know. That's just how it is..." Len lowers his face.

"So...You were going to, kill me?"I ask him, my voice trembling.

"Yes but that was before I-I....."


"Liar?...W-What is that supposed to mean?!" Len raises his voice.

"It means I don't believe you! I thought were actually getting along, but this whole time you were just planning to murder me and my grandmother!"

"Miku, I told you-" I smack him as hard as I can, leaving a red mark on his left cheek.


✧・゚: ** To be continued...✧・゚: **

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