Chapter 8

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Kaito's POV

She's so quiet...something must've really upset her...but...What could've hurt her so bad to the point where she runs away?...

I glance over at her. She quietly follows behind me. Until-- She trips over an above ground tree root.

"Miku!" I run over to her.

"I-I'm fine..." She brushes off the dust on her skirt. I try helping her get up. Instead, she shoves me away and stands by herself.

"Y...Your knees...." They're scraped.

"I said I'm fine! Let's Just--K-Keep walking."

I sweep her off her feet and carry her in my arms.
"Eek! What are you doing?!"

"It's better if I carry you. We'll get back home faster."

"....." she stays quiet. It's probably best not to argue. Especially in this situation.

I've been walking for about an hour now. My legs are tired and my arms are starting to go numb. I set Miku down on a tree stump.
"Huh? Are we here yet?" She says, a bit drowsily.
"No, not yet. You must've ran very far."

"Or maybe you're just lost."

"I'm not lost, I just- Y-You ran very far away!" I cross my arms and face the other direction to prevent her from seeing my blushing face. I hear a snicker from behind me.

"Pfft- hahaha!" She starts laughing. I look at her from over my shoulder. She looks so cute when she smiles...

Suddenly, the bushes behind Miku start rustling. I quickly grab her arm and pull her towards me.
"Who's there?!" I yell out. Len climbs out from inside the bush. Miku parts away from me and runs over to him. She embraces him tightly. More tighter than she's ever hugged me...

Miku's POV


"Len, I'm so sorry...!" I hug him tight.

"I-It's okay! But-

"Please forgive me for treating you so poorly..."

"I-It's  fine! But- you're...REALLY breaking my spine right now..." He wheezes out.

"S-Sorry..." I let him go and lower my head. My face feels a bit hot. Len clears his throat.

"...Also, I came here to take you home." He takes hold of my hand.

"Let's go." He says, with a smile. I blush even harder.

"Ah-" I feel a small tug on my arm. I turn my head and find Kaito, his hand gripping my arm, not tightly but...a bit forceful.

"Where do you think you're going?" He says, in a low, rugged, and defensive tone.

"I'm taking her home. Because from what I see, you were going the opposite direction." Len glares at him. His eyes show a hint of red in them.

"N-No I wasn't!" Kaito says, tugging on my arm. Which causes me to fall into his arms.

"If you're going to just waltz in here and take control then be my guest! But I'm staying with miku, and she's staying with me!" Kaito wraps his arms around my shoulders.

"Eh??" My face grows bright pink.

He sighs.

"Look. It's getting late. I understand that you want to seem as if you've got everything in control but trust me, you don't." Len crosses his arms.

"Oh and you do?"


He pulls me into his arms.

"Yes. I do."

Kaito and Len stare at each other. It's like there's nothing but pure hatred between them. I should say something. And quick! B-But, what am I suppose to tell them??

✧・゚: ** To be continued...✧・゚: **

Sorry if this chapter seems a bit short. I had writers block. I kinda still do but I'm working on it.


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