5; cassidy

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"Veronica, you'll never believe what just happened." I said after releasing Chester from his leash. My older sister walked into the hallway and leaned against the wall.

"Try me." she smirked.

"A boy just asked for my number!" I squealed. She scoffed,

"Yep. Got me there, didn't expect that." She walked over to me and ruffled my hair, "Good job kiddo." I smiled and continued into the kitchen and I just day dreamt about Brendon. He's so pretty.

"So, what does he like?" V asked, leaning against the counter.

"I don't know much yet, since I just actually spoke to him today but I do know he plays basketball." I said. Veronica pursed her lips,

"Well, tell me everything about him when you learn it." she smiled and winked before heading downstairs to her bedroom. I realized I hadn't stopped smiling since I got home, but that's perfectly okay.

I couldn't wait to see Brendon, but by the time Social Studies started I noticed he wasn't there. I felt my smile drop but I shrugged it off, he could've been sick.

But when I arrived at lunch, I felt a hand pull me aside.

"Wh- Oh, hi Brendon." I said, my smile as wide as ever.

"Hi! Do you want to come sit with my friends and I?" he asked.

"Uh, sure. Why weren't you in class today?" I asked. He looked around nervously before shrugging,

"I skipped." he said, laughing.

"Fair enough. Lead me to your table then." I said and I followed him to a table in the back corner. There were four other boys, and two of them seemed a little too friendly to be just friends.

"Hey guys, this is Cassidy. Cassidy," he started pointing to each of the guys, "Dallon, Ryan, Spencer and Jon." I smiled and they returned a grin before I awkwardly sat down beside Brendon, his friend Ryan on the other side of me.

"So, uh, this is the famous Cassidy, Brendon?" Ryan said grinning, I felt my cheeks heat up,

"W-What?" My voice faltered.

"Oh, yeah. He never shuts up about you." he said. I turned to look at Brendon and his face was red as an apple as he glared angrily at Ryan.

"Ignore him." he said. Brendon leaned back and punched Ryan in the arm, and Ryan muttered an 'ow!'

I just looked down at my tray and ate my sandwich happily. I'm just glad he thinks I'm cool enough to sit with him at lunch.

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