4; brendon

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"She's in my class, fuckers. I talked to her." I said, dropping my tray of food on the table. "In fact, she's over there." I said, pointing to Cassidy who was at the lunch line. Spencer clapped,

"Not bad, not bad."

"Meh, you could've done better." Dallon snickered and I punched him in the arm. Ryan and Jon came and sat down with us, Spencer pecking Jon on the lips.

"Get a room." Ryan muttered earning a glare from Spencer and laughs from everyone else.

"So, what're we talking about?" Jon asked.

"Brendon's got his eyes on a girl." Spencer said, and Ryan wiggled his eyebrows.

"Ooooh, who?" he nudged me in the arm. I looked around before pointing at her, she was sitting at a table with three other girls at the moment.

"Her name's Cassidy." I said. I loved the way her name rolled off my tongue.

"Oh, she's pretty. Picked yourself a good one for the first time, huh Bren?" he teased me. I glared at him. Let's just say I haven't had the best taste in girls for the past few years. "Talked to her yet?"

"She's in his Social Studies class." Dallon piped in.

"Oh, okay." Ryan said before eating his sandwich. Across the table from us were Jon and Spencer cuddling and whispering stuff to each other. Dallon made a gagging noise and Jon rolled his eyes.

I waited at the basketball courts again, this time I saw Cassidy walking across the street. My heart rate sky rocketed when I saw her crossing the road. I made sure I wasn't staring at her. She turned the corner and came into the park and she saw me and smiled, taking out her ear buds.

"Hi Brendon."

"Hi Cassidy." I held my basketball in my arms.

"Why are you using these basketball nets? They're like twenty years old." she said. Her dog sat down beside her, panting. I shrugged.

"It's close to my house."

"Ah, I get it." she said.

"So, I was wondering. Do you want to like.." I scratched my chin, " I dunno, hang out sometime?" I noticed her eyes gleam with what I hope is happiness and she nodded,

"Sure. Here," she pulled out her phone and looked back up at me, "what's your number?" I told her and she smiled. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out, seeing a text from a new number.

unknown: yo its Cassidy

"Okay," she smiled, "I gotta finish Chester's walk." she pet her dog, who I'm guessing is Chester, on the head and he stood up. I watched as she walked away. God damn, I'm lucky she said yes.

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