13; cassidy

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Brendon was taking really deep breaths, which I told him to do. He started freaking out and almost had an anxiety attack on the way to the dinner with Pete. He was shaking, and sweating but he's okay now. I hope. The guys will help him out, they know what to do to calm him.

"What if I say something stupid and he backs out?" He asked. We were still in the parking lot outside and I was trying to make him stable before going in.

"You'll be fine. If you have any issues, tell your friends. If you really need it, call me. Okay?" I said, my hand on his shoulder. He took a deep breath and nodded.

"Okay. Thank you, Cassidy."

"No problem, boyo. Now go get yourself a record deal!" I smiled and he returned one, getting out and walking toward the restaurant. I waited until I saw the door close until I started the car and drove off. I'm proud of him. To be honest, I wasn't quite sure if he was going to be able to go in without me. I feel like a proud mother, almost. I'd be picking up the boys at seven, and the clock just turnd five. They have their drivers licenses, but I insisted I drive so we can celebrate afterwards. You know, they gotta start the celebrity lifestyle.


I pulled into the parking lot and saw the boys standing along the sidewalk, smiling like idiots. I pulled up in front of them and they got in.

"Sooo?" I said, turning to look at all of them.

"We got a record deal!" Spencer exclaimed, punching the air excitedly and resulted in hurting his hand because he accidentally punched the roof of my car.

"So, I bought some chips and soda. Party?" I said excitedly.

"Sure, mom." Ryan said, grinning.

"Shut up, fucker." I said, hitting his knee before turning back to the windshield. Brendon was sitting beside me and he was smiling like an idiot. I drove us back home, listening to the stupid arguments the guys were having. Things like "Beyonce or 50Cent" and resulting in things like "What a stupid question." "No its not!" and so on. Once I pulled into my driveway, the four of them raced out and waited in front of my garage. I locked the car and got out, opening the door with the keypad. They sped through and went into the basement and I closed the garage. Following them down, I saw they already made themselves at home. Ryan and Jon were on the bean bags, Spencer on the couch and Brendon on a bar stool.

"Seems like you're already comfortable. I'll get the snacks." I said receiving positive yessss's. I threw the chips onto the floor in the middle of them and I swear to god it looked like vulture attacking their prey.  "Calm down, holy shit." I laughed, and Jon shot me a glare.

"I can't help my mom is a health freak." he says angrily, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Okay, whatever." I rolled my eyes and brought two boxes of soda and put them on the bar. We all got a can and sat down. We played twister for a bit, but that ended miserably.

"Spence, I know your gay but stay away from my dick please and thank you." Ryan snickered. Spencers head was rather close to Ryan's crotch.

"Fuck you!" he said, laughing. I was having the most fun, being the controller. Brendon almost dislocated his shoulder and Jon fell almost immediately. The game ended, Spencer winning. We all sat in a circle talking about random stuff.

"Let's make a toast." I said. "To my best friends, about to make it big." I said, smiling. All the guys had big grins plastered on their faces too. I raised my can of pop, and they did so too.

"To us!" we all exclaimed and clinked our cans together. Its gonna be a long road from here on.

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