9; cassidy

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I sat there nervously, Brendon's friend Dallon beside me. Apparently Brendon was freaking out behind stage, and that's not normal for him. I really hoped I wasn't the one making him jittery. I just wanted to support him and his friends. My foot started tapping quite fast, but I didn't notice until Dallon laughed a little. I turned my head to look at him,

"What?" I asked, my foot stopping.

"Brendon does that all the time. You're really made for each other, huh?" he smiled. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks and Dallon just smiled and returned his gaze to the stage.

"Yeah.. I guess." I smiled. The MC came out on stage and I was looking at the curtains when suddenly Brendon's head appeared. He looked like he was going to be sick, and I felt really bad for him. His eyes were buggy and his jaw was clenched . I waited until he saw me and when he did a smile stretched and his eyes softened, and I gave him a small wave and he returned one. Gosh he's so great. He moved his hair back from falling into his eyes with his hand and returned to go behind the curtain for god knows what.

I watched the acts contently, and this one person who came up had an amazing singing voice. You could say I was mesmerized by it. The act ended and the MC came back out. It was one of the music teachers, Miss Kitching. She smiled brightly as she announced the next act, "Panic! At The Disco." I felt a nudge on my elbow and turned to look at Dallon. He nodded toward the stage and I saw Brendon, Ryan, Jon and Spencer walking out. The curtains pulled back to bring Spencer's drum kit out. Ryan fixed his guitar strap and stood to the right of the stage, Jon to the left and Brendon in the middle.

"No one told me Brendon was a singer." I said under my breath.

"Oh, yeah. Never stops singing at his house, especially when he has his piano." Dallon said, his eyes still glued to the stage. I watched as Brendon glanced nervously to Ryan and then turned back to the audience. He changed the height of the mic stand.

"Hi." he said, and his eyes flicked towards me and I gave him an encouraging smile. "We're Panic! At The Disco and we're going to sing a song that our guitarist, Ryan, wrote called 'Camisado.' We hope you enjoy." He fiddled with his guitar pick. I didn't know Ryan wrote songs. He started to strum, along with the two other boys on opposite sides of him.

"The I.V and your hospital bed, this was no accident this was a therapeutic chain of events." he sung out. His voice was smooth as butter on toast. I could listen to it all day and any day. I wonder where he learned how to sing, because hot damn he's good. I definitely wasn't expecting it either. My eyes flicked between all four of them every once and a while but my main focus was Brendon. He played the guitar so effortlessly, not even looking down once. The lyrics Ryan wrote had a meaning behind them, but I don't know what it was. I can only tell you that I really liked it. The song came to an end, and Brendon smiled as he sang the last line. Ryan and Jon were both beaming, and Spencer was smiling probably the biggest I'd ever seen. People around us clapped, but I think I clapped the hardest. My hands felt numb and they stung a little from smacking them together so hard.

"Whoa, calm." Dallon said, chuckling. I glared at him,

"I didn't expect them to be so good!" I exclaimed. He rolled his eyes. I made eye contact with Brendon before he disappeared behind the curtain, and all I could do was smile. His teeth formed a perfect line as he grinned so brightly. He turned and I saw him high five Ryan before going behind. I was sure proud of him, he has a ton of talent. I saw this guy with jet black hair who was sitting a few rows in front of us stand up and walk out. I didn't quite catch his face but he looked kind of similar, and young but old enough to not be in high school. It seemed strange as he just left so suddenly, but I shrugged it off and continued watching the show whilst texting Brendon about how amazing they were.

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