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Christmas. Cloudy skies and snowy sidewalks. The crunching under your feet as you walk. Oh, wait. I'm from Nevada. That shit don't happen here. Coldest it ever really gets is 34°F, and that's not enough for snow. I wished I lived somewhere it snowed, though. The sight of the fresh white flakes on the branches in a forest is so breath taking. All I want is a white Christmas. Cassidy's parents were going on vacation. Her and her sister didn't go, however, so Cassidy came and joined me with my family and Veronica sent with her girlfriend, Sarah. I'd met Sarah once before she graduated back when we were freshmen. She's so sweet and could never hold a grudge. Very pretty, too. But I have my eyes on my incredible Cassidy. I was seated on the couch with Cassidy cuddled into me, the Christmas tree all lit up with the angel on top. The TV was on, along with the fireplace and the classic movie White Christmas played. The crackling of the fireplace and the calming music from the movie made me think about how glad I was to have my incredible girlfriend. She's never done anything to me, she's so unexplainably awesome.

"Brendon?" Cassidy said sleepily. I looked down at her. She had her head on my lap and snuggled her blanket tight. Her eyes lazily looked at me. "Can we go to sleep now? I can't stay awake any longer." she said with a tired laugh. She yawned and rubbed her eyes, sitting up.

"Sure, baby." I whispered. I stood up and she followed. We walked upstairs to my bedroom and she immediately flopped down on my bed, still wrapped in her blanket. I smiled. "Goodnight, Cassidy." I said and crawled in bed beside her, wrapping my arms around her petite figure.

"Goodnight Brendon." she said while in the middle of a yawn. I closed my eyes and thought about the next morning.


"BrendonBrendonBrendonBrendon!" Cassidy chanted, shaking me awake. I opened one eye to see her happy as ever. She looked like a kid in a candy shop. I rubbed my eyes and opened both this time. "It's Christmas!" she whisper-yelled. I smiled and nodded,

"Yeah it is." I yawned and swung my legs over the edge of the bed, slowly standing up. Cassidy immediately grabbed my hand and started dragging me down the stairs. I laughed, "Careful you're going to make me fall." Cassidy just giggled and kept going. We made it to the living room and were met by my parents.

"Morning Brendon and Cassidy. It's about time." My mom said, sipping her coffee. My dad was seated next to her, doing a crossword puzzle. He put it on the coffee table beside him. "Boyd, go wake up Kara." my mom said nudging my dad. He sighed dramatically and stood up and walked to my sister's room. My mom turned her attention back to us. "So, Cassidy. I got your parents to send us your presents and we even got you something ourselves." she smiled. Cassidy was beaming,

"Oh, Mrs. Urie you really didn't have to do that. Thank you." Cassidy was heart warmed

"It's our pleasure." She smiled and sipped her coffee again. My father came back in with my sister who sat down on the couch beside me and Cassidy.

"Morning." she said and rubbed her eyes sleepily.

"Okay, so as tradition, mom, dad. You open your presents first." I said, going under the tree to fish out my parent's gifts. I handed the boxes to them and watched as they opened them.


We went through all the presents and such when it got to one last one: my gift to Cassidy. I handed her the box and she opened it curiously. Her eyes widened when she saw the ring.

"It's a promise ring." I said, nudging her a little with my shoulder.

"Oh, Brendon. It's beautiful, I love it." she said and hugged me. I hugged her back and looked at my mom, who looked like she was about to cry. Cassidy pulled back from the hug and pushed her lips to mine. I could feel her smile against the kiss and I couldn't help but smile too. She pulled the ring out and slid it on her finger. It was a silver band with a simple infinity sign design. This showed that I will love her no matter what, even if we aren't together, but I sure hope we are.

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