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Cassidy and I started calling ourselves official the day of the talent show. After it ended, we all went to Ryan's house and we decided it was time. I liked being able to call her my girlfriend. It meant that I had someone to look forward to everyday. Not that I don't enjoy seeing my friends, but sometimes they're the biggest pain in my ass. We were all in Spencer's garage, having a band practice. Cassidy volunteered to be our 'roadie' I guess. She'd bring us drinks and stuff, y'know, 'cause she's the best.

"Iced tea for everyone!" she called, holding a tray of cups. She always did this little hip dance anytime she brought something in. She danced her way over and all four of us went to grab a glass, muttering a thank you right after. She set the tray down and sat on the old couch Spencer had in there. It was an ugly brown and green plaid, practically falling apart but it was comfy, somehow. I walked back over to the mic stand, and sat on my stool. I took a sip of the cold iced tea before setting it down beside me on the table.

"What do you guys want to play now?" I asked, my arms resting over my guitar.

"Oh! Oh!" Cassidy exclaimed, "You should cover a Fall Out Boy song!" she smiled widely. I looked back over to the guys. They shrugged a 'why not.' So, why not.

"Alright then." I said, and Cassidy clapped happily. I smiled. We only knew the chords for one of them, and that was Dead On Arrival. I cleared my throat before getting nods from Ryan, Jon and Spencer. I started to sing and we played the song the best we could. When we stopped I looked over to see Cassidy smiling so wide and clapping like a maniac.

Ryan got off his stool and bowed, "Thank you. Thank you." We laughed and he grinned. He picked back up his iced tea and sat back down. The door to the garage swung open and Spencer's mom stuck her head through.

"Spencer, darling. There's someone at the door for you." she said. Spencer put down his drumsticks and got up to leave. Mrs. Smith was the sweetest, she was so nice. She really liked Cassidy, too. All the iced tea is typically home made by the two of them. The door swung closed behind Spencer, and I turned to Jon.

"Who 'ya think it is?" I asked, grinning. He shrugged,

"Oprah, I don't fucking know, man." he smirked and I laughed. I turned back around to the noise of the door opening again.

"Guys. You'll never believe this." Spencer said. He looked like he was about to faint. The door opened more and Pete fucking Wentz was standing there.

"HOLY SHIT!" Ryan, Jon and I all said in unison.

"What?" Cassidy asked, standing up to see the door. Her eyes widened, "HOLY SHIT!"

"Hey guys." he stepped in behind Spencer, the door closing by itself.

"Not trying to sound rude, but why are you here?" I asked. Pete smiled,

"I saw you guys at the talent show the other day and I thought you were good. I was there for my cousin, one of the magicians." he said, folding his arms over his chest, "and I was walking through the neighborhood when I heard you playing Dead On Arrival. I recognized your voice." All of us were still in a little awe, staring with our mouths open. He was still smiling when his gaze went to Cassidy. "Who's this?" he asked.

She blinked a lot, before closing her mouth which was hanging open. "Uh, C-Cassidy." she stuttered. She was probably one of the biggest Fall Out Boy fans I knew.

"Nice to meet you. I like your shirt." he grinned. I leaned over and noticed that well enough, she was wearing a FOB shirt. She smiled nervously before stuttering a 'thanks.' Pete turned back to me, Ryan was now right beside me. "Anyway, as you probably know I just opened a new record label. I want to sign you guys." he said. I practically choked on my own saliva.

"What?" Ryan asked in awe. Pete nodded.

"Whadya' think?" he said, rubbing his hands together.

"Yes!" the five of us exclaimed, Cassidy I think being the loudest one. I couldn't believe it. Pete smiled and handed Spencer a business card.

"Contact me tomorrow, we'll go to a restaurant or something and talk details over lunch." he smiled before leaving. After the door swung closed, all of us sat there in silence.

"What the fuck just happened?" Cassidy asked, her eyes still as big as golf balls.

"I'm not quite sure, actually." Jon said, laughing nervously.

"Well, fellas. Looks like we're getting signed by Pete Fucking Wentz." Ryan said, the biggest grin I'd ever seen plastered on his face. I realized I too had one on mine. I took my guitar strap off from around my shoulders and set it down, walking over to Cassidy. I swung my arm around her. Considering she was still frozen, I think she's gonna be shocked for a while.

"So. Thanks for the song recommendation, babe." I smiled and she looked at me grinning.

"No problem." she said and pecked me on the cheek. I smiled. I can't believe this is happening.

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