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Campfires are always great. They bring happiness, they create stronger bonds with your friends or family. Except when a fucking raccoon decides to steal your s'mores.

"Get the fuck out of my campsite you hooligan!" Dallon screeched, trying to shoo the animal away with a long stick. It just hissed and kept inching toward the bag of marshmallows it dropped when we found it.

"Dallon, just let him have the stupid marshmallows!" Jon yelled. The five of us were hiding inside our tents, peeking our heads out. Dallon whipped his head over,

"Never! I will not give this pest the glorious satisfaction of my defeat!" He turned back to the raccoon and continued to jab at it to no avail. The horrifying creature just continued to fight back. I sighed and zipped up the tent, turning back to Brendon.

"What a fucking idiot, huh?" I laughed. He grinned and nodded,

"Yup. I swear to god that guy's insane. Doesn't help that he's as stubborn as a mule." He lay back on the air mattress we brought and rested his head on the pillow, staring at the top of the tent. We had all the zippers closed except for one on the top, which had a plastic see-through film. I lay beside him and stared up. It was beautiful, the sight of the clear sky with all the constellations and the horrific sounds of raccoon screeches and multiple battle cries from Dallon.

"THE LITTLE FUCKER!" Dallon yelled and we heard a thunk. I opened the tent again to see Dallon had dropped his giant stick and the marshmallows were gone. I held back a laugh and glanced to see Spencer and Jon doing the exact same thing as I.

"Looks like it's over, buddy." Ryan called from their tent. "Just give it up, we'll get more some other time." Dallon dropped his shoulders and looked in the direction the raccoon ran off into, and walked over to the tent he and Ryan were sharing. I turned back to Brendon,

"Do you want to go run up to the camp shop and get some marshmallows?" I asked. He nodded and followed me out of the tent. "We're going to get more 'mellows." I announced. Dallon practically flung out of his tent and followed us.

"We'll be back soon!" he called back and we started up the gravel path. We noticed something in the middle of the path, a big lump. Dallon shone his flashlight on it and gasped.

"Dallon, no." Brendon said, knowing exactly what he was going to do. The creature's eyes turned to us and he hissed. Dallon crept toward it. "Dallon, you fucking idiot." Brendon sighed. I watched in horror as the raccoon growled more and more as he approached it. He was right beside it, and I watched as if it was slow motion as Dallon reached for the bag of marshmallows, the creature hissed and bit him. It scurried off as Dallon screamed.

"It bit me! It fucking bit me!" he whisper-screamed, shaking his hand from the pain. "The nerve of some people!" he said.

"Okay, Dall. Time to get you to the clinic." I said and we walked the rest of the hill up to the camp shop which also had a 24/7 nurse. We walked in, the fluorescent light blinding us and the bell above the door jingling.

"Hello!" a short lady with brown hair called from a chair.

"I got bit by a raccoon." Dallon said, his head hung in shame. She hopped off her chair and walked over calmly and lead Dallon to a different room.

"You two wait here, it won't be long. This happens all the time." she smiled and I sat down on one of the chairs beside the door. We waited silently, the only noises were the sounds of maybe three flies buzzing around the window. When Dallon came back out, we walked back to the campsite in silence. Somewhat because we were tired. Mainly because Dallon is too stubborn to admit Brendon was right when he told him to leave it be. It was a little chilly, but I liked walking by the campsites when it was dark. You either saw pitch black or saw families bonding over their own fires. The trees and the many, many campfires gave the forest that smell that just made you feel happy, and if I'm honest, there's no one I would rather be camping with than the guys. We walked back up to the sight and saw the three boys sitting beside the fire which crackled and popped a lot.

Ryan was poking at the fire, and Jon was snuggled in with Spencer. Spence turned to us, "Hey, did you get the marshmallows?" Spencer asked. I glanced toward Brendon and Dallon, their eyes widening. Brendon scoffed,

"Ah, shit."

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