Chapter 10

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Gail's POV

I felt my heart racing all of a sudden. The most unexpected and beautiful thing just happened at my front door.

I rushed to my room and told the girls.

"Ladies. We're going to have to cancel everything for now."

"WHAT? But Jess is already done with maneuvering the programs, and I have been practicing my sneaking out techniques and-"

"You will all do as I say, and that is to stop. Everything. Drop it, there is no need for any of this anymore, Clay Clay is starting to get his mind off of that peasant girl Leslie because he just ASKED ME OUT ON A DATE! Isn't that great news?"

"Well, we're happy for you but what are we supposed to do with all this stuff we planned?", June pointed out, she seemed a little pissed after hearing my previous order, didn't I already gave her enough credit for her doing?

I stopped and think for a moment. She's right, though. What am I supposed to do with all this stuff? We've planned everything out so accurately, and Clay Clay's mine again now. What benefit should I may get by doing all this to her?

Bah, I never liked her fake cheesy attitude anyway.

"Meet me at the school hallway tomorrow night at 10 pm sharp."

Leslie's POV

"Alright, class. Before you all can deliriously rise up your seats and rush home, pair up! Submit a 5.000 written essay about the American history. Essay is due next Friday, so you'll have plenty of time to do your research with a helping hand by your side. Class dismissed."

Stace ran over me and asked me to pair up with her. History was never her thing, so I guess she needed my help because I'm quite fond of the American history itself.

I offered Stace a ride on my brand new (second-handed) vehicle, a Honda Jazz. I'd say it's not bad at all for a noob driver such as myself, even though it's really not that much. My mother handed this well-oiled machine to me before she left for her business trip out of town. The car's like brand new, and it came with a free tree-shaped car scent because the previous owner must've loved trees so much. The atmosphere was fresh and I am so grateful that I finally got to drive my own car instead of riding the crowded old bus everyday.

"So hey, when can we start working on our essay?" Stace asked as she marched inside and sat on the passenger's seat.

"You wanna go to the library and start looking for it now? I heard the NY public library in town shares a lot of deep information on the American history."

"Sure! While we're at it, wanna drive-thru in-n-out burgers? My treat, since you're my chauffeur for the day, Mademoiselle Carter."

I smiled at her as I started driving with encouragement towards our destination.

"Wow, I never knew the library had so much to offer, I mean look at all this big pile of info! We can totally use these on our essays, they're so not mainstream."

"Yeah, I found a bunch of rare facts about America's past life in here too. We should borrow them and start working on our essay tomorrow." I said as I kept on reading this interesting paragraph about the Colonial and Revolutionary war that had given so much impact upon the America we now live in today.

Until all of a sudden, I felt like something's creeping me out from behind the lean library shelves. Talk about déjà vu. Someone was definitely keeping an eye on me, but once I turned around, as expected, no one peculiar was there. This was starting to freak me out. Yikes.

Stacey was reading on the other side of the bookshelf I was in, reading so seriously that she did not even feel my presence upon her.

"Whoa, you startled me back there, did you find anything interesting to write about?"

"Yes, about that. I got everything I need in this book I'm holding now right here. Can we please get out of here?"

"Hold that thought. Leslie Carter, why are you in so much of a hurry all of a sudden?"

"I'll explain it to you later, please. You gotta trust me on this, let's hurry to the librarian now and take these books and leave."

"Alright, alright. Whatever you say then, dear chauffeur."

We rushed to the librarian counter and got our books checked, then we rush back to my car. I was breathing hectically. I knew there was someone behind me, that person is so good at not revealing him/herself.

"So, what's the rush, Les? I was starting to think you have a fear of library shelves or such. Is something up?"

"Yes. Stace, judge me all you want, but I think somebody is watching me."

"What? That's ridiculous, there was nobody out of the ordinary there. I mean besides that creepy old grandma with crooked teeth, that is. But come on, she is just a grandma for goodness' sake. She wouldn't hurt a fly."

"No, I wouldn't suspect her either, but Stace. You gotta believe me when I tell you this, that I have experienced this back in the school library when we were also looking for information about dolphins, you know... Mr Neil's paper? Biology?"

"Leslie, I have no idea what has gotten into you, but we need to get you home right away. Before this mysterious 'stalker' of yours shows up and does who-knows-what to hurt you and- oh my gosh, you're shaking! We have to get you home right away. I'll drive."

Stacey drove us to my apartment and accompanied me all the way up. She seemed to look so worried judging by that look on her face.

"Hey, so we're finally safe now. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine, Stace. Thank you so much for taking me back to my place."

"Shh, that's what I'm here for, love. Everything is going to be alright. I promise."

"You truly are the best friend that I can always count on."

Stacey looked at me nervously, she was silent for a while, then she opened her mouth as if she were about to say something. But something has stopped her from doing so.

"Sure, Les. You can always count on me."

OH WOW. That was such a bum ending for a chapter don't you guys think? Stace WAS about to tell Leslie that she told Gail all her secrets to Gail because she really, REALLY felt guilty about it. She just hasn't found the courage to do so yet :) But it will all be revealed soon, guys. We promise.

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