Chapter 12

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Leslie's POV

I pressed the elevator button to the highest story of my apartment building. I was finally gonna do it. I'm entering my ultimate crush's living space, Clayton Durgeon.

The elevator door opened wide, as if it was welcoming my presence towards his floor. I walked a few steps along the corridor to reached a huge, blue, majestic entrance.

This must be it, the gateway to Clayton's very own space. I knocked twice, softly of course, otherwise it would be rude to have just barged in someone's door at this late hour.

The door knob moved gently and the door slowly opened revealing a pair of beautiful brown eyes saying,

"Shh, come inside." Then the door was slowly opening, wide enough for my body to hesitate itself towards in.

The entire penthouse looked splendid, with great furniture and may I just say outstanding interior design? Not to mention, it's spotless. Not a single spec of dust on sight, and the lighting of the room was great, obviously bright enough for me to have noticed how neat this place was. Clayton sure knows how to arrange and take care of his home well. I was amused. In awe of how organized of a person he was.

"Hey." he whispered as he touched my shoulder from behind.

I turned my head around. "I'm sure you're enjoying what you're seeing, but try to please not make any sudden loud noises. Lily's asleep."

I gasped, "Who's Lily?"

He pointed out to the most adorable creature on a soft red pillow in his living room, it was young and tiny, with a pair of shut eyes, and was currently in its sleeping position, sleeping so soundly while giving out small purrs from itself. I almost didn't notice its presence.

"My kitten. I just gave her a bath, she just started snoring a few minutes ago."

"I didn't know you had a kitten, how cute-"

"Shh, lower your voice down. Lily has very sensitive hearing, even if she is a cat."

I chuckled softly, "Right, sorry. It's very cute. I can help you take care of it some other time if you like."

"Yeah, I found her lying on the streets the other day while I was walking with... a friend. She was looking for something to eat because she kept following me, do note that I was carrying a ham and cheese sandwich on my hand. I decided to give it to her and took her home. Gave her a few more snacks, and a bath, of course. Which was the hard part. But she was adorable and sweet, unlike a fully grown cat, which has no manners at all. She is also very polite, she litters only inside my bathroom, which is super gross, but hey it's better than littering anywhere she wants just like other cats, right?"

I can see Clayton's glowing eyes while talking to me about his newly adopted pet kitty. Oh, if I could just listen to his voice all day.

"Leslie? You listening or what?"

Crap, I was so much in awe of his presence I was starting to forget that I was there too.

"Yes, yes. Lily, bath, politeness by pooping inside your bathroom. She seems to worth all the trouble."

He giggled a little, which gave me chills and said, "You are very funny, Leslie Carter. You want something to drink?"

"Yeah, I could use some water."

"Ah, classic choice. Coming right up." He emerged from his position and asked me to sit on his couch while he takes on my request.

"One glass of water for one fantastic looking girl. You earned it for looking so beautiful this evening."

I thanked him with my cheeks flushed as he leaned closer to my position and looked at me the whole time I was sipping through the glass. Why does he have to be so close?

I cleared my throat, declaring formality. "So, what was the thing you wanted to discuss about?"

"Ah, yes. That." His look changed all of a sudden. From eerie happiness to cautiously worried. He found my eyes, as he leaned closer towards my face, and we were staring at each other in silence for quite some time. He was so close that it made me weak. I almost break our contact until he sighed,

"It's about Gail."

"What about her?" he was still so close, I almost didn't know how to respond and kept this conversation going on.

"She has been acting a little strange lately."

"Wh- why?" I could feel my heart thumping so loud, I was so scared that he would hear it too.

"I managed to observe her at a certain level, and I know her well enough that she's up to know good."

"Wa- wait, why are you telling me this?" I couldn't breathe.

"Because that something has to do with you." He leaned even closer, so close that if I move forward, our lips might slightly touch.

"I need you to be careful, okay? She's known for her bitchy attitude towards people who are a threat to her malicious ways. You have to promise me to stay away from her. I can't keep a look-out on you all time...unless you want me to." He curled a flirty smile and winked. "Just stay put, alright?"

"I- I still don't get it. Why do you think I'm her threat? What did I ever do to her?"

He smiled and pressed his nose playfully on mine and I instantly died a little inside, "She's just jealous of you because you're pretty. That's all I'm going to say for now."

He broke contact because his phone was ringing, he just received a text. Who would text him at this late night?

He read the text and there came the instant expression swap again, this time he was between furious, worried, and... scared? I couldn't tell.

He suddenly hugged me tight while breathing slow and steady breaths. Whoa, I did not see that coming. Right there. Right that second. I can hear and feel his breath through my ears. My mind was beginning to unravel what was going on until he said,

"I'm sorry."


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