Chapter 13

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Clayton's POV

My gaze was put on the text I received from an unknown number, at this late hour, saying:

"Hear ye, hear ye. This is a story of a girl named Leslie.

The white bitch whose long hair smooth as silk

Has been keeping herself as squeaky clean

Memory erased, identity vanished gone

To Big Apple she sails,

Nobody acknowledges this dirty secret

But she is planning a sabotage

On the person who deleted her identity

And is doing whatever it takes

To drag the culprit to rot in hell

Best to not be friends with this so called 'freakshow'

Us int'llers are better off without


I hugged her as soon as I finished reading the whole thing, I had no idea what has gotten into me, I felt so sorry for her, which frankly led me into this remarkable embrace, and of course, Leslie being Leslie, did not see that coming, and what's worse, some jerk who sent this "poetry" must've been a psycho to begin with. Why would he or she, or they... do such a thing? Is having your memory erased has such a bad impact on your social status? I don't think so, but these guys certainly do.

The text must've been sent throughout the entire school, and now all of the Int'll East student body knows Leslie's "dirty" little secret, which is not even dirty at all. I mean, whoever did this must have some sort of grudge on Leslie, and I think we all know who that person is. I released my previously drawn affection towards poor Les and spoke,

"Leslie, listen. I'm sorry. But you gotta read this."
I handed over my phone to her with the message showing and let her hold it for a while. Our fingers accidentally touched, and I felt electricity running all over my body. I haven't been bold enough to confess her my true feelings, which was what I have been doing, bailing out since day 1, tonight, to be honest, was supposed to be the night where I do confess to her by inviting her to my penthouse, but I guess that will all have to wait. I watched her as she read the entire thing, with her beautiful brown eyes scanning towards the bright screen of my phone, the whole room was slightly dim, and the light from the screen of my phone had successfully made Leslie's face shine brighter than the light on the screen itself.

"What in the world..." Leslie said in her shocked tone.

"It's okay, Leslie. No one is going to think you're a sore loser because of this. I promise."

"No, it's not that... Now the whole school knows my secret. Even... you. I never told anyone about this, except for... STACEY!"

"Wait... Come again?"

"No doubt she's behind all this. I can't believe she did this, I thought she was my friend. I trusted her!" The beautiful poor innocent creature started to sob.

"Leslie, listen. It's not Stacey who did this. I swear. I know who's behind all this, because it's written all over her face. Now, let's get you back to your apartment. You need to sleep this in and we'll figure this out the next morning. Together. Okay?" I placed both my hands on her wet cheeks and gave her a warm smile, her cheeks felt so warm, and man, she still looks so beautiful. Even when she's crying. What mantra is she using to have overcome the wildness of my heart?

"But. I. Never. Told. Anyone. But. Stace. Ey." Her words were interrupted with the sobs she's been getting, not to mention snot. How cute. I should probably confess to her soon, because I can't take not being able to cup her face and kiss her spontaneously. Soon, Clayton. Get your priorities straight, you've got a sizzling matter at hand, and you're going to take care of it. Just let her rest for the night.

"Come on, now. Let's get you to bed, okay? It'll all be better in the morning. You will start fresh, and I'll tell you all about my plans on confronting that irrational culprit who did this to you. Everything. Look forward to it, will you? Just trust me on this." I said calming her with the softest tone I could ever put on.

"O. Kay. Thanks. Clay. Ton." She managed to put a smile between the bitter disappointment she's showing through her cries, and to my surprise, she killed that smile which is also killing me inside as well.

I walked her down to her apartment at level 19, we were kind of silent during the whole trip from my penthouse, to the elevator, and down to the corridors of her apartment floor. I felt like there was no need of communication since there is pretty much nothing left to say that can soothe her down on this current being. Besides, I'm definitely saving every word and speculation about this JJ thing tomorrow, because all dear Leslie needs is a good night sleep and she'll feel better in the morning.

We finally reached her door, room number 1907. Better keep that in mind, Clay. Do not be forgetful on this one.

"So, I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you for inviting me to your penthouse, I had a good time." Good? GOOD? I'll make her feel much more than 'good' during her next visit.

"Yeah, me too. Um, do you like, wanna go to school together or something? I can pick you up here at your apartment at 7."

"Thank you for the offer," she smiled, "but I'm capable of driving by myself to school tomorrow. Maybe some other time?"

"Oh, that's alright. I understand. So, I guess I'll see you on the road? Honking behind my vehicle in the midst of New York City traffic in the name of punctuality?"

She chuckled. "Yeah, I guess I'll see you then. Good night, Clay."

"Ha! I made you laugh. You owe me a soda, I prefer Sprite or Coca Cola, no Diet Coke, please because I most certainly am not going on a die-"

She hugged me, it felt so much better when she was the one to start. I enjoyed the few nanoseconds left before she put the embrace to release again.

"Coca Cola it is then, Clay. See you soon.

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