Apologies and Acknowledgements

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BEFORE YOU READ - we all know you're mostly here for the ongoing of the adorable Leslie Carter and Clayton Durgeon love story, so feel free to skip this *chapter* if you are dying to figure out what happens after that last scene back there, we won't judge ;) but here is a letter from us to you guys, despite our insanely long hiatus, consists of things that we feel you guys need to know before we go right ahead and jump further to our story.

First things first, it has been crazy months since we last updated our last chapter, and we are terribly sorry for that! Our schedule was fully packed for school and other related stuff going on that we simply didn't have the time to update :( We are SO sorry for the inconvenience we brought upon anticipated readers out there who may have been waiting forever to know what goes on between Leslie and Clayton.

We know that a lot of you guys deserve to at least know what happens next, but before that happens, we would like to share with you certain things we (both ABB & JC) agree on regarding on the continuance of this story:

1. We are going to schedule our updates from now on, by publishing 1 chapter every 3 days. Make sure you check your notifications till then! ;)

2. We have decided to make this a very short story with only 30 chapters, with a range of an estimated 1,000 - 2,000 words/chapter due to certain reasons. We'll try our best to not disappoint, though. We promise! :)

3. Since we have written the outlines of several chapters onward, look forward to frequent updates starting tomorrow! ♡

4. There may be several *faster* changes along the way upon the update schedules, so be sure to always keep on a look-out for unexpected notifications lining up on your phone in the upcoming future! ;)

5. Complaints, suggestions, thoughts, or any other commentaries are always a warm welcome here on our story. Leave a comment anywhere and we'll make sure to respond to them immediately! Let us know what YOU think of our story so far and what you think it needs to achieve better.

Guess we'll leave it at that. We are truly grateful to have such wonderful, patient readers such as yourselves. Thank you so much for reading this *~slightly~* disturbing *chapter*. We owe you one.

Until next chapter,


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