Chapter 3

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Leslie's POV

The school bell started to rang.

Boy, was I relieved that school was finally coming to an end.

I rushed from my seat in Geography class to find endless students from a different variety of classes scatter throughout the hallway. Listening to their murmurs and looking up to the smile on their faces. Guess everyone's always excited when it comes to ending last period.

I, on the other hand, was also looking forward to the end of school's last period. Because apparently I've made some friends in different classes earlier.

Stacey. A humble girl with beautifully carved features who carries out an obvious cheerful and friendly character trait. Very fond of boys and is always an energy pill to those around her. My first impression of her was actually pretty nice. I like her for being the first girl to actually had the desire to introduce herself to me nicely.

Donovan. A decent guy with standard looks and a very gentle personality. The first thing I absolutely noticed about him was the straight-lined scar carved on the left side of his cheek. Who knows of what caused it to actually happen? Very close friends with Stacey as well, they actually came across me together and we eventually became friends after.

And last, but not least, Clayton.

He was actually the first person who introduced himself to me. Who held out a hand and smiled at me right after my previous introduction in front of the whole class during Biology. He has a nice face. Rather attractive and appealing in his own way, with a pair of big beautiful brown eyes and thick hair.

He sat in front of me during biology class, and he sometimes cause an irritating noise from at least one or two students because I supposedly assume, that he asks way too many questions which are not all necessary to ask. He seems pretty detail about every little information Mr. Neil gave to us. How cute.

After school's a bit exciting because then you can stumble upon your friends, go hang out with them, and chill together, creating friendships, bonds, and moments, like most teenagers do.

I wonder who my friends were before the "accident" happened. Do they still remember who I am? Do they know where I am know? Or how I'm doing? Do they still try to contact me? I should probably ask my mother about this some other time.

I finally meet Stacey among the students in the middle of the hallway.

"Whaddup, gurl!"
"Heya, Stace."
"Hey you remember that paper assignment about dolphins Mr. Neil told us that's due to next week, right?"
"Yeah, what about it?"
"How would you like to go on a study date with me in the library with me, huh? We'll get coffee and do this thing together, yeah? You okay with that? And hey! I'll even show you around school if we get extra time! You're new here, aren't you?"
"Um.. yeah." I smiled. "I'd love that. Thank you."


Clayton's P.O.V

The new girl from biology class was nowhere in sight. I still feel like a fool for letting my eyes search for her in the midst of an endless crowd of students. There's something about her that makes me feel like we're meant to cross each other's paths again, like we did during biology.

I don't know. It's either that, or I'm just being an idiot for feeling this way.

But then I saw a glimpse of something that beautifully stands out, strokes of brown hair hanging down a pair of shoulders, that finally turned around to my direction. My heart started beating until I felt like it was gonna burst out of my chest.

Found her.

The way she marginalizedher brown hair makes we ponder for a moment. I blinked, yet again she moved her expression over to my own. She raised up her cheeks and smiled at me.

Dang it. Keep it cool, Clay. Get a hold of yourself. I say to myself as I tried so hard not to blush and smiled back at her awkwardly.

Oh crud. Why am I such a fool to have instantly being attracted this much to a person at first sight? A person whom I barely know? I guess love happens unexpectedly for some people like me.

I gathered up my courage and finally decided to make my way to her. Come on, Clayton. You can do this.

Dang it.

I can't do this.

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