Chapter 5

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Leslie's POV

I went to school earlier than expected that day, for no apparent reason. I just liked the idea of becoming the early person who gets there before everyone else does, considering the fact that I was undeniably late for my first day with Mr. Neil's class. (Which was Biology, by the way. In case some of you forgot.)

So far being an 11th grader kind of sucks. You're not actually the youngest but then again you're not the eldest either. So aside from having 10th graders to look down on (I mean in a respectful way), we still have the senior 12th graders to look up to. But other than that, the people here are actually kind of nice.

The guys I hung out with recently, Stacey and Donovan (her best friend) are treating me quite well and are so fun and easy to talk to. Especially Stacey. She has this some sort of spark inside of her that I do not see on most people that works so well when our conversations were getting dull or when we were experiencing unexpected awkward silences. No wonder everyone around her likes her.

The first subject on board, was history. The best thing about it? I was early enough to actually choose a seat in the middle section row, near the back, but not too back. I wouldn't wanna sit too far or too close to the board, so this seat balances out my standards quite well in a way. Perks of being an early bird. Yha.

Long story short, it was finally time for us to have a lunch break or as kids prefer to call, "recess." I eventually searched for Stacey and Don so we can go grab lunch together at the cafeteria.

The bell rang a little too loud that day and it made several students cover up their ears with their palms. I did that too, because I was not quite fond of school bells being this loud before.  But guess what? I finally found Stace and Don talking to 3 other guys near the lockers. So then I walked directly towards them.

"Well, look who's showing. New girl, come join us for lunch!" Donovan acknowledged me friendly. I nodded him with a grin then turned to the other three guys to find Clayton being one of them.

"Sup, Les?" Clayton greeted me with his signature smile on his face.

"Hi, clay-"

"Hey, so this was the new girl you were talking about so much yesterday, huh Clay? Bruh, I gotta say, you've got taste." One of his friends interrupted me. The other two guys seemed so alike but they each spark out different styles, I can tell that they're identical twins, despite the differences they have on their facial expressions.

"What's your name again? Oh, yes. Leslie Carter, isn't it? Nice to meet you. I'm Russell and this is my brother, Rainer. Don't mind my brother, though. He is such a sucker when it comes to beautiful girls like you." He gently held out his hand and offered for us to shake hands in a form of introduction

"Yes, I'm Leslie. It's so nice to meet both of you, Russell and... Rainer, is it?"

"Man, Leslie you better start remembering our names or else you might not be able to tell us apart." Russell said with a gentle smile on his face.

"Yeah, the only way for you to tell them apart is from their facial expressions and the way they talk to you. You'll notice that Russell is the kind and gentle one like he is, when he first introduced himself to you. And Rainer... well, he's the other guy who acts almost the opposite from his brother." Clayton kindly explained everything to me as I nod my head multiple times while analyzing both twins carefully.

"Speaking of which, Leslie, Clayton said to me yesterday that he was SO into someone new around here but he refused to tell me her name. It could be anyone, but from the moment I saw Clay greeting you with a smile like that... I'm guessing that lucky girl would be-"

"Yeah, I know that look on Clay's face anywhere. It's the signature look he normally gives out towards girls he found 'appealing' and 'different from the others', and all that crap about her being the light that stands out among others... you get what I'm saying?" I chuckled, the twins are quite adorable to have around but I know that they're probably just messing with me because I'm new around here. Besides, I'm not that interesting or pretty enough for someone like Clay to be head-over-heels about.

"You know what, guys. Let's drop the subject and go grab lunch NOW please? I'm super hungry and the cafeteria seems pretty packed in there! I'm so worried that we won't get enough seats." Stacey is always the hungrier person around, which I do find adorable as well.

As we walked towards the cafeteria, a girl suddenly approached us- me. So I stopped walking, which also made the rest of us stop as she smiled at me and started to speak,

"Why, hello there, Leslie Carter. I have heard so much about you."

"What do you want, Gail?" Clay looked upon her, apparently annoyed with her presence.

She glanced at Clay with another smile, then turned her attention back towards me.

"I believe we haven't properly met. Forgive me for not introducing myself first. I'm Abigail Westmore, people call me Gail. And like I said before, I have heard so, so much about you. Where were you from again? Denver? Wow, me and my friends would love to hear ALL about you and know you a little better. Come sit with me and my other girls over there and let's go talk about that. You rock your outfit today, by the way. Yes, that was a compliment." Wow, this girl sounds interesting, if only I could-

"I'm sorry, Gail, apparently she's with us today. Maybe some other time." Clayton responded with an irritated look. It's the first time I've seen him behave that way after we first met.

Gail then nodded politely and then smiled at me, "You're welcome to join us for lunch at our table anytime, I'll save you a seat." She winked at me then immediately head back to her group of friends.

Everyone was silent for a moment, but then we continued on walking as if nothing happened. But I really, really wanted to ask Clayton though, upon his behavior towards Gail earlier.

Ah, maybe later. Lunch time's half way over. And besides,

I'm starving.

Yeah... You're all probably pissed that this was indeed not a very interesting chapter to read. Nothing really happened.

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Spoiler alert:
Next chapter will entirely explain why Clayton looked like he hated Gail so much. Well duh, it was well known that men tend to hate their ex-girlfriends after several months of break up.

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