Chapter 8

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Stacey's POV

Oh my goodness, the bell isn't going to ring for the next half hour. I never liked history and I even wondered why I chose to be in this class on the first place, Mr. Sweet, has been pondering on and on about the beginning of World War II      and my eyes were still in the middle of its own war to keep myself from falling asleep. Agh, I really need to get out of here.

I was so afraid of slumbering myself to boredom so much so I raised my hand and asked for a permission to be excused to the ladies' room.

Phew, for a moment there I thought I was going to get myself into trouble for sleeping during history class. Mr. Sweet most certainly wouldn't want that to happen now, would he?

Ah, what a relief. I went straight to the ladies' room and immediately did my thing, then ended up flushing them. I checked my reflection complimenting myself on how I looked today. Stacey, you have outdone yourself once again.

I guess I might've gotten carried away with the amusement I put upon myself and realized that it has been 10 minutes long since I left history class. Oh no, Mr. Sweet is not going to like this. He is very known for being the teacher who gives out detention when his students were to disobey his rules in class, which was to spend at least 5 minutes during a bathroom break ONCE during his period.

And I never get detention. Not today.

I immediately rushed back to class and opened the door with ultimate steadiness so that Mr. Sweet wouldn't notice my late presence from the bathroom.

Then I eye-contacted someone among the students, she gave me a sly look, wanting to raise her hand in attempt of ratting me out, but I immediately crossed my hands, begging her not to. She scoffed, then gave out the fakest smile I have ever seen. So be it, I guess she decided to let me go this time.

Wait a minute. Uh-oh.

Gail was seriously looking for a catch on this one.

History class was finally over. My eyes suddenly felt itchy, so I thought maybe my eyelashes were crumpled. I went to the bathroom (again) to fix it. After all, I do have to look perfect all the time.

I was putting my contact lens off and fixing up my eyelash but then the door suddenly opened, there were 3 girls approaching me as if they were auditioning for the new season Mean Girls. Yeah, you guessed it.

One of them was Gail.

She approached me and gave me the same sly look she did during our eye contact in history class, only decorated with a classic smile this time.

"Hey there, Stacey right?"

"What do you want, Gail?"

"Right, so here's the thing. You have something I want and I believe that I have something you want. So, are you up for a fair trade?"

"...I really have no idea what you're talking about."

"Oh cut the crap, b*tch! I know that Leslie girl is keeping something behind that innocent face of hers! And you're going to be the one to tell me."

"Save it, Gail. You are not getting anything from me."

"Oh, then I guess Mr. Sweet is not going to be happy once I told him your bathroom break was 5 minutes over his provided time. He is such a man of discipline. I guess we'll see you in the detention room then, ta-ta."

Gail was signaling her 2 other girls to leave the bathroom, but then I yelled.
How stupid.


I ended up telling Gail everything. She was intimidating me too much. She have succeeded into finding my weak spot. Grades. She knew my grades on character were straight A-s last semester, I wouldn't wanna ruin it by getting a stupid detention for such a ridiculous reason. I wanted everything to be perfect, because I was super obsessed with being perfect. She knew about that, of course, and decided to use it against me.

She told me also that if Leslie knew about this, my detention-free record was at stake because she would also tell Mr. Sweet about my past behavior during his history class.

I guess my perfectionist personality is getting ahead of my best friend's trust.

Gail and her two other friends, or should I call, "minions" turned their backs and exited the bathroom with satisfaction. While I stood where I was, feeling a slight nausea through my stomach for what I just did.

I betrayed my best friend.

I am disappointed and ashamed towards my decision, my stupid decision. It felt like wind was passing through my chest, the guilt was beginning to consume my body so much. What would Leslie say if she found out about this?

To be trusted is a better compliment than being loved.

That was the mantra that I have been believing all these years I spent with my friends. But I couldn't handle it. Gail was going to rat me out and ruin my perfect grades for this semester with a detention up my sleeve.

I guess that's where the problem is.

Me. Me getting perfect grades. Me not getting detention.


I realize that I was really starting to sound so selfish all of a sudden. Which made my guilt grew to a bigger scale than it was before.

I snapped out of my thoughts and went right ahead to chase Gail before it's too late. She was in the middle of a conversation with her two other girls, not too far ahead. Laughing. Gotta admit, she looks beautiful in a way, that look of hers really deceived a lot of people despite of who she really is behind that pretty face.

I ran towards her, "Hey, Gail." I held her hand.

"What?" she shrugged hers off immediately.

Then I said to her with the saddest and most begging eyes that I rarely use on anyone. But drastic times cause for drastic measures. This was Abigail Westmore I'm dealing with right now, and it sure as hell was indeed an emergency.

"Can you please not tell anyone all of the information that I just told you about Leslie's secret? I'll do anything you ask, please just don't hurt her." I plead to her with the sweetest tone I could find.

Gail raised her eyebrow and told me, "Aww, poor little Stacey's afraid. No worries. Your secret is safe with us. See you around."

She left me with that sly look of hers again.

I knew this was gonna come the moment I told her. So why did you, Stace? Great work, you just officially ruined your best friend's reputation by putting your selfish needs ahead of others again. Ugh I hate you for being such a perfectionist freak. It's only a matter of time until Leslie's huge secret comes out. Should I warn Leslie about this? She'll probably hate me if she knew about this. I mean, come on.

It's not like one detention's gonna ruin your life, now is it?

SOOO, Chapter 8's done. This was the first ever Stacey POV that we wrote on our story. We thought you'd like to hear this out on her point of view once in a while. Teehee.

Also Stace is really such a lovely girl. She wouldn't hurt a fly, but in this chapter she kind of did betray her best friend by letting her selfish needs get in the way of what right thing she was supposed to do, which was to defend her best friend. But in this case, nobody, even Stacey is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes, yeah?

If you have any further questions or suggestions or critics and comments do feel free to tell us! We'll try to explain as reasonable and improve as much as we can. :)

Nuff said though, for this chapter's author note.

Let's find out what Gail is up to on the next chapter, shall we?



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