Chapter 7

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Leslie's POV

I was so glad that school was over for good today, the guys wanted to go grab ice cream in the new ice cream shack near our school that day, but I decided to pass. Not even Clayton can convince me to go with them.

Wait, what?

Why did Clayton suddenly appear through my jungle of thoughts? I have a bad feeling about this.

And so I went back to my apartment and took the usual bus to my avenue. I stepped inside the lobby, reminiscing the moment where I met Clayton here at the exact same spot I'm standing right now while waiting for the elevator to pick me up to my floor.

I wonder if he and the gang are done with their ice cream meet-up.

Bleh, stop thinking about him, Les. Get a grip of yourself.

The escalator went up, then I opened the locked door to my room, which was on 1904.

On my way there, I couldn't really help myself to think about Clayton's penthouse. What does it look like actually? I kind of promised to catch up with him soon at his penthouse. After all, we did live in the same apartment building. Which is a rather thrilling and interesting thing if I do say so myself. I wonder if he's got a pet. Or an aquarium filled with exotic fishes? Does he cook his own dinner? Or does he live with his brother or uncle?

Ugh, stop it, Leslie. You're giving me a headache. He's just another friend, it's not like he has a secret crush on you or anything.

Okay, where was I.

Right, I decided to pass on the ice cream shack thing because I have other things to do here, which was:

1. Ransacking my mother's room and search for clues related to my current forgotten past, because she never lets me go through her stuff. Since she's out on a business trip doing who-knows-what.

2. Cleaning up the mess I made in my mother's room once I found what I'm looking for.

3. Cooking my own meal for dinner because well... No one's actually cooking for me tonight. On top of that, I'm starving.

I needed to get number 1 & 2 done before she gets back, which is not until next week, but I will simply look for any spare time to search for any small clue, I mean ANYTHING that explains some decent part of my past. I'm sure she's hiding something in there.

Oh and was her room locked? Technically, yes.

But I got that covered.

With the spare key I found hidden underneath our living room's very own couch, I managed to easily open her room and ransack it a little. Her room was practically small, with a single bed, a medium-sized wardrobe, and a mirror with a table full of cosmetics with the rest of her beauty products.

I decided to look inside the wardrobe first, take it a little slow, due to her not coming back till next week. I've been wanting to search every inch of her room so badly since we first moved in here, now's my chance to finally do it. To examine it bit by bit until I find the very clue(s) I'm looking for.

Her wardrobe was technically fit for a woman her age to fill and store in all her outfits. I searched every pocket, every undergarment, every purse and pair of pants, and shoes but I found nothing in particular. How disappointing. 2 hours wasted on this darn wardrobe. Yep, time for dinner.

I was done with the wardrobe and was heading out of my mom's room until I saw something that I didn't quite realize was there before, behind my mom's door room hangs a huge dream catcher, I was focusing myself so much on it, and a headache suddenly hit me. Like lightning.

I collapsed.

Everything turned dark all of a sudden... but wait. There was suddenly a voice, a bold sound with an undeniably familiar setting. There was a table, where a man with broad figure who sat down sipping his coffee. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but behind him, I saw the exact same dream catcher I just saw a while ago behind my mother's door.

I woke up with a hazy feeling of wanting to throw up. Is this some kind of rekindling an old piece of my past? Who was that man drinking coffee at a table? I have no idea. All I know is, tonight's search was not in vain after all. I got a flashback! I heard that people with dissociative disorders must experience these things once they witness something that was so familiar right in front of them in a blink of an eye.

Yes. I was so happy about it, ecstatic even. Everything was beginning to fall into place. Starting to. I decided that I needed someone to talk to, so I decided to call Stacey over and told her about my true background. 

She came over shortly afterwards and I told her EVERYTHING there is to know about my past, or what I know and has been told about, at least. Also my suspicion towards my mother hiding something about it and my little current expedition inside of her room. She was a good listener, of course. Didn't lay a single comment or judgement until I was done talking.

I decided to trust her, despite not knowing anyone else to lay my trust upon. She is going be the "soul sister" I choose to tell everything about. Yeah, I choose her. I am thankful for her being such an understanding person since we first met. I saw a lot of good in her.

I just hope she won't disappoint.

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