Chapter 11

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Gail's POV

Where are those insignificant imbeciles? They were 15 minutes late, and counting. As usual. Such amateurs. Can't their moron brains at least tell time precisely? I mean, honestly. First, it was Clayton being all "nice" and all on our date yesterday, and now this? What did I, Abigail Westmore, do to deserve all this misery?

Right, so about my undeniably hot but sly-looking ex, all he did was take me out on a trip to the boring, unimportant national library. He is such a nerd, geez. All he did was ask me how I was, and what I was up to lately, casually. There were no I-miss-you-s, or please-be-mine-again-s, kissing, ugh, not even a hug! Maybe he wanted to take it slow? I did put on my lucky charm bracelet yesterday and a pair of my good-fortune Hermés heels, but I guess luck was taking a short vacation from my love life yesterday.

Right, where was I again? School. Yes, about to execute this diabolical plan to ruin Leslie Carter's seemingly innocent life and make her suffer for stealing Clay, my ex-lover-and-soon-to-be-lover-again's glance. She will pay for her doing, I will make sure nothing stops me.

I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder while I was diving deep into my thoughts.

"Gail sweetie! Sorry we're late. Jess had a few technical difficulties to take care of, but it's all ready now for us to finally commence this execution." June was wearing an all-black-ninja outfit, which covered her entire body, including her face, leaving her natural Asian eyes with no make-up. She covered everything, so that she wouldn't leave any fingerprints anywhere while she was doing her job.

"Excellent. Everything will go according as plan, you didn't forget to bring your compact powder this time, did you?"

"Of course, not. I got everything we need and did not forget anything this time, Gail."

"Don't mess up, okay? Remember to check the blue prints I gave you. If we do this correctly, Leslie would surely be bombarded with tears and embarrassment, which would make her friends, especially Clayton, despise her, surely. He'll definitely come back to me by then. Got it?"

"Consider it done, your highness."

Leslie's POV

It was 4 pm, and I was just finished drinking my afternoon tea and was still looking for a clue inside my mother's room, until my phone rang so loud from my living room. I rushed to find out that it was Clayton Durgeon who was calling me. What could he possibly want? It's not really like him to call in to me like this.

I picked up his call, and he said, "Leslie, I'm coming over to your place in a few minutes, I have got something urgent to tell you, is that alright with you?"

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Clayton wants to pay me a visit? What is going on here? "Um, yeah sure, Clay? What's it about?"

"I'll tell you in a few minutes. I'm going down."

Minutes later, just like he promised, he knocked on my apartment and greeted me hello. He was looking rather casual, he combed his hair wavy in a messy way, with a pair of jeans and t-shirt. Not the kind of guy that I would expect to have own a penthouse in New York City, but okay, he looked really beautiful that day, even with t-shirt and jeans, I gotta admit.

"So." He cleared his throat. "May I come in?"

I was busy analyzing him from head to toe, and I suddenly realized that it took a little longer than it should. "Oh, yeah sorry about that. Of course!"

I escorted him to our living room, which was really wasn't in the best shape that day, since my mom's departure out of town, I decided to leave it like that anyway since I never sit on the living room except when she's around.

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