Chapter 2

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Clayton's P.O.V

I slept in again.

The weather was too delicate for me to wake up this morning, and I've only got half an hour (more or less) to prepare for the first day of my second semester at 11th grade.

I can't be late. Not on my first day.

I rushed into the bathroom to take a quick shower and hurried myself to the kitchen and drank from my chocolate-flavored-milk carton, I managed to grab my things and searched for the keys to my red range rover car my Uncle Richie bought me when I turned 16 last year (which took me a while because I am a forgetful person when it comes to small things like these).

I hit the brakes. Hard enough for me to hear the engines from the inside of this vehicle running as if I were a race-car driver.

I drove as fast as I could.

The road was conveniently quiet that morning. Yes. Perfect. I will make it to my first day without having to deal with lectures from Mr Neil, my least favorite teacher, who happens to teach biology, my absolute favorite subject and make it through the whole day without causing any typical teenage-like chaos.

Having a normal life was all I ever wanted.

I entered the school hallway and took a breath of relief, thanking God that I still got a few minutes to spare before this new semester starts.

Nothing really changed much, the school still possesses the classic white-colored theme all over the place. The antique tiles, the wallpapers, the ceilings. Everything here are pretty much the same since I left for the school semester holidays.

I greeted my close buddies, the twin brothers: Russell and Rainer as I met them among the lockers, I haven't seen them since last week during Stacey's birthday party and I still miss them terribly.

The bell rang, and the three of us marched to each of our classes.

I chose to sit in the center of the class, where it's not too close and too far from the board, just enough to let me focus throughout the entire period. Mr. Neil greeted us formally,

"Good morning class, I'm sure you all had a splendid holiday. I hope you'll look forward to learning more biology this semester. I hope you would pull out your best efforts and, most of all, have fun, I guess."

"Alright, open your textbooks to page 83, please."

As I conventionally opened my textbook, the door creaked open and suddenly came in this girl, whose eyes where the bluest I've ever seen, and whose extended locks were indeed brown with naturally red cheeks. She must be new here, because never have I seen her before in this class.

She spontaneously took a seat right behind me, and tucked her hair behind her ear, with grace and a slightly discouraged manner. My eyes, and the other audiences' eyes, were surprisingly on her at all times.

Until someone yelled out,

"Mr. Neil, I think we've got new company here in our class."

Mr. Neil, who was previously drawing the reproduction process of a whale on the board turned around and bluntly told the new girl to introduce herself in front of the whole class.

She shyly emerged from her seat, and walked right in front of our class. I think she's really new here.

As she managed to stop, she turned around to the audience. "H-hi. My name is Leslie Carter. I just moved here in New York with my mom several days ago. It's so nice to meet you all."

Leslie Carter, aye? Not a bad name. Not bad at all, even.

Wait. What?

"Alright, Ms. Carter. You may return to your seat and please hold out your text book to page 83," Mr. Neil said.

Leslie nodded with a small smile and did as she was told. She looked so pretty, and the way she walks is just pure elegance. Everything about her seemed interesting. My mind was beginning to wonder what's gotten into me, to have this "special" interest towards someone I have not met, but saw in just merely seconds. I've had interests on other girls before, but not like this. My heart was strangely bursting to find out so much more about her.

So with no further expectation of what I was doing, I strangely did something out of the ordinary.

I turned around and finally introduced myself to her.

As she answered me with her polite gentle voice, it was truly the most wonderful voice I have ever heard.

From that moment I realize, that I have experienced something I have never experienced before.

Love at first sight.


We're planning on this series to have several pov-s, but of course, Leslie and Clayton's pov-s will be the ones that show up most often. Yay!❤

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Anyway, chapter 3's actually going to be Leslie's pov again. Teehee.

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