Vampire Love

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Ok, I kno everyone wants to read about the rest of the date so here it is.

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The first ride we went on was The Drop Zone and me and Erin were terrified. We were sitting in between the guys and we had to close our eyes on the way up but when we got to the top they made us open our eyes. It was so cool at the top, but all of a sudden it just plunged down and I'm not gonna lie, I think I screamed the loudest I've ever screamed in my life! But I wasn't the only one, Nick was screaming just like a little girl! It was hilarious, me and Erin couldn't stop laughing about it after we got off.

" God Nick!" I said, " you scream just like a little girl!," I busted out laughing all over again and so did Erin.

" Oh, shut up Kimberley!," he says getting red in the face.

We saw this haunted house thing and decided to go in there next. It was so freakin dark in there. I scooted closer to Tyler and he grabbed my hand and laughed. We walked past this hole in the wall and something jumped out and acted like it was gonna grab me and I screamed. Tyler didn't even jump. We just kept walking and when we got to this tunnel thing and tried to walk through it

started spinning, or at least I think it did. It might have just been the lights that made it feel like it was spinning.

When we got out Erin and Nick were already standing there and Nick looked a little green.

" What's wrong with him?," I asked Erin.

" He got scared.," she said rolling her eyes.

God! I thought. What a wimp. We got on the Farris wheel next. I don't know why either because it freaks me out to be stopped at the top. It's a good thing Tyler was there or else I would have freaked again. And




We were at the top and I was trying not to look over the edge when Tyler leaned over and kissed me. It was a good kiss to. Tyler is such a better kisser than Evan. Ugh, why did I just say that? It's really disgusting to think about your ex when you're kissing another guy. Especially after what he did.

Tyler leaned back and smiled. I smiled to.

We had finally reached the bottom and we were getting out when I tripped over the little step thingy but Tyler caught me before I fell.

" Are you always this clumsy?," he asked me.

I felt my face getting red.

" Unfortunately, I am.," I said giving an embarrassed laugh.

He just smiles and takes my hand.

We had been waiting for Erin and Nick for like ever, so I decided to call her. It's on the fourth ring when she finally answers.

" Hello?," she says.

" Erin! Where the hell are you?," I ask, frustrated from worrying so much.

" At the bathrooms. Nick got sick.," she said. And I could just tell from her voice that she was rolling her eyes.

" Ok. We'll be there in a second.," I say rolling my eyes too.

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