Vampire Love

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It's six o'clock when Erin finally shows up.

" Hey. Ok it's either this outfit or the one in my bag. Do you like this one at all?," she asks me.

" Uhm, I like it but I want to see the other one too.,"

" K. Cool.," she said as she runs upstairs to my room.

I just sit downstairs watching TV waiting for Erin to hurry up and get dressed so I can go put my clothes on. That is until I hear Erin screaming at the top of her lungs. I jump up off the couch and race up the stairs, tripping quite a few times as I do. When I get there, Zack is standing there staring and Erin is trying to cover herself up.

I try to stifle a laugh but it doesn't really work. And then I just bust out laughing because I can't hold it in anymore. Erin just stands there glaring at me while Zack backs out of the room trying to hide his face. But I can already see that it's blazing red. And that only makes me laugh harder.

Erin runs over and slams the door in my face so I just turn around and head back downstairs.

When I get there I'm still laughing and Zack's face is still red.

" Wow Zack. Haven't you ever heard of knocking?," I say trying to calm my laughing.

" Shut up!" he says getting red all over again, " I thought it was you.," he said.

I just start laughing again and said, " So you were trying to watch me getting dressed?," I asked finally calming my laugh down to only giggles.

Zack punches me in the shoulder playfully. And then he starts laughing to and says, " Yeah, I guess it was pretty funny.,"


Zack's POV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hear Kimberley's door shut so I head upstairs to try and scare her. But when I bust in the room, it's not Kimberley in there.

" Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!," Erin screams.

That's when I hear Kimberley racing up the stairs. When she reaches us she just stands there for a second and then starts busting out laughing. I had no clue what to do, so I backed up and headed downstairs felling my face turn super red and I knew that it was only making Kimberley laugh harder. Kimberley walks downstairs and starts laughing even harder when she sees my face. Then she sits down next to me and says, " Wow Zack, have you ever heard of knocking?!," I could tell that she was trying to stop laughing because she was snorting.

" Shut up!," I said to her feeling my face get red all over again, " I thought it was you.," that only makes her start laughing all over again. God I wish she would stop laughing about it. And I wish that my face would stop turning red. Wait a second, If I'm a vampire then why does my face still turn red? I thought that stopped when you became one. Whatever, I just wish it would stop.

" So you were trying to watch me get dressed?," Kimberley asked laughing some more.

I punch her playfully in the arm.

" Yeah, I guess it was pretty funny.," I say laughing at myself.


Erin finally comes back downstairs but when she sees Zack she just stares at him. I have to cough to cover my giggles.

" Or should I wear this one?," she asks me.

" Uhm, I like that one better.," I say.

After we settle on what outfit she's wearing , I head upstairs to get dressed.

" Wait! Where are you going?," she asks.

" To go get dressed.," I say laughing when I realize why she's asking me.

" Not without me you're not!," she says and runs over to the stairs.

I start laughing all over again and that made me trip and start falling down the stairs. I'm sure glad Zack was there, because if he wasn't I would have landed and hit my head on the floor. He ran over and grabbed me before I could finish falling. Wait, he got here way to fast to be coming from the living room. But then again, he is a football player so I guess that's where it came from.

" God Kimberley! You need to start paying attention more! You almost gave me a freakin heart attack!," Zack says looking at me very concerned. " Are you ok?," he asks helping me up.

" Yeah, I'm fine.," I say heading back up the stairs. But I look over my shoulder and Zack's still looking at me. So I go back down and give him a hug then kiss his cheek.

" I'm fine really. And thank you.," I say walking back up the stairs, slower this time so he won't have to worry.

Me and Erin walk into my room and she says, " Why didn't you tell me that you had a hot guy living with you?"

" Uhm, because he's my best friend. Next to you of course.," I add that last part after I see her face., " and he's not living with me. He's just staying here for the week.," I say putting my jeans on.

" Oh.," she said, " well still, you're other best friend is hot!," she says as she looks in the mirror.

I just put my shoes on and walked over to the mirror to check my makeup.

" Don't you think he's hot?," she asked me.

" Erin! He's my best friend!," I say looking at her like she's done lost her damn mind.

" I'm just asking.," she said defensively.

I look down at my shoes and start fidgeting with my hands. Erin must have noticed because she said, " You do think he's hot!.," she says it so loud that I wouldn't be surprised if Zack heard her.

" God Erin! Shut up, will you!," I say.

I love her and all, but I swear she has got the biggest damn mouth in this world! And to make it worse I could feel my face start to turn red and Erin started laughing.

All of a sudden the doorbell rings and me and Erin look at each other and then start jumping up and down, squealing.

Then we both grab our bags and run downstairs. When we get to the living room, Zack is just opening the door. I see Tyler and Nick standing there and oh. my. God! Tyler looked so hot!! He was wearing a black Slip Knot t-shirt and black skinny jeans.

" Bye Zack!," I say and give him a quick peck on the cheek.

Then Tyler holds his hand out and I take it grabbing Erin's and dragging her along. Nick finally catches up and takes Erin's other hand so I let go of the one I have. When Tyler stops to unlock the car door, I just stand there staring at the car.




It was a black Mustang Guardian. I didn't even think these things were out yet! I noticed that Tyler was looking at me funny. And then I realized that I had my mouth hanging open like a moron. So I smile and blush and head over to wear Tyler's holding the door open for me.

Tyler gets in on he other side and starts the car. We had only been in the car for about ten minutes when we pulled up to the fair.

" Wow.," I say, " that was fast.," I say the first lamest thing that comes into my mind.

Tyler laughs and says, " I hate driving slow.," he smiles as he gets out of the car. I open my door and get out too. I didn't see Erin or Nick anywhere.

As I'm walking I'm to busy looking around for Erin to notice that I'm about to be hit by a car. That is until Tyler tackles me to the ground out of the way.

" Kimberley! Are you trying to get yourself killed?!," Tyler asks me.

" Uhm.... No? I guess I just wasn't paying attention. Sorry.," I say blushing yet again.

He squeezes my shoulder and picks me up from the ground. At that moment I finally see Erin and Nick walking towards us.

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