The Three Of Us // A Chim Story by pointlessmart
The Three Of Us // A Chim Storyby b💖
Camille Blue-Shay Kinsley is a fifteen year old girl living in London. Camille currently lives with her foster parents of 13 years. They were stitched to Camille for t...
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The Club|Group Chat by moodyjunior
The Club|Group Chatby Mommy
"Labirente Hoş Geldiniz çıraklar, bu girişin çıkışı yoktur batmaya hazır olun." ... Gigi Hadid Selena Gomez Perrie Edwards Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner Hailey...
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CHIM (Leaving you was easier than loving you) by Chez_Tops_Kim
CHIM (Leaving you was easier Beth Walsh
Five years ago Girls Aloud called it quits and apparently so did Cheryl and Kimberley. Cheryl upt and left to America on the same night the group split, and no one knew...
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  • kimberley
  • romance
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Chim - I'll Always Be There by RoseChimGA
Chim - I'll Always Be Thereby RoseChimGA
This is a Chim FanFic. Girls aloud still exist, Cheryl married Ashley, Justin appears in it too. First few chapters may be rubbish but should get better. Will have swear...
  • kimberley
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Power Rangers: White Rangers by JoWish97
Power Rangers: White Rangersby JoWish97
With the Rangers saving the day, they almost didn't notice the new green ranger, Tommy Oliver. But after almost a month, he's one of the team. When a new face shows up a...
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Power Rangers: The White Ranger by GuitarAlex101
Power Rangers: The White Rangerby Alex Wiggert
This is the story of the 2017 movie "Power Rangers" along with a twist of my own: This kid named Alex is with the newly chosen rangers as the White Ranger, goi...
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Power Rangers one shots and preferences  by SugarHoneyIceTea23
Power Rangers one shots and Alex Burton
Power Ranger 2017 one shots and preferences requests open 🙃
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Soulmate {chim} by chimchezza
Soulmate {chim}by pau
What would you be ready to do for the person you love ? [Disclaimer : - mature and sensitive content - the medias posted at the beginning of each part DO NOT corresp...
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Forever (CHIM) by AmethystHazelEyes
Forever (CHIM)by AmethystHazelEyes
One girl has Autism, the other has Asthma. Both been teased for being different and assumed to be 'weak' and 'dumb'. Like any other couple, Kimberley and Cheryl want to...
  • fenandezversini
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The Way Life Is (A CHIM ) by Katycatrise
The Way Life Is (A CHIM )by Dani Reed
A chim
  • lgbtq
  • gxg
  • kimberley
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Screens & keyboards by chimchezza
Screens & keyboardsby pau
Last night, somebody wrote a number on the bathroom wall.
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I hate my friends. by bangtanjaemi
I hate my 박재미
I hate my friends. I don't hate all of them, but I hate how they try to show me they'd like me or something like that. - This is not a real-life-story, but it's about a...
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Chim - Short Stories and One Shots by NotJustASmallGirl
Chim - Short Stories and One Shotsby NotJustASmallGirl
I keep getting ideas for fanfics but I wouldn't have enough ideas to get them going for ages so I decided to make a short stories and one shots book to put them all in i...
  • girlsaloud
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The Journey (A Multi-Fandom Fanfic) by ContoLovaticMixer
The Journey (A Multi-Fandom Fanfic)by ContoLovato
Natalia Lockwood has always been in the public eye. Her family's fame putting more pressure onto the already insecure girl. She's classed as a "Badass" to most...
  • stemily
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High School (Chim) by NotJustASmallGirl
High School (Chim)by NotJustASmallGirl
Kimberley and her family have just moved to Newcastle and Kimberley, along with her sisters and brother, have to settle into a new school. Cheryl is well known througho...
  • fanfiction
  • girlsaloud
  • girlxgirl
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Little Do You Know - Chim by _itscaamille
Little Do You Know - Chimby cam
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini adjusts to a brand new life in following what she has longed for. Within the first day she meets someone that will continue to make a reappearan...
  • cheryl
  • chim
  • love
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Because I Care - Chim by georgiawalkerx
Because I Care - Chimby georgia walker
This is a fan fiction about the one and only Chim. I apologise if it's rubbish, it's my first one! I would love any feedback X
  • kimberley
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  • love
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Life and love are not as easy as we think when we are in the center of everyone's attention.
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I'm not the only one  by _itscaamille
I'm not the only one by cam
"but when you call me baby I know I'm not the only one."
  • kimberley
  • girlxgirl
  • lgbt
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Chim - By My Side by chezfezvez
Chim - By My Sideby ❤️
When Cheryl is becoming increasingly distant from the girls during tour rehearsals, it's up to Kimberley to find out what's going on. But will she be able to help? (Trig...
  • aloud
  • cherylfernandezversini
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