Vampire Love

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" Wow Kimberley. I'm surprised you made it today.," Mr. Rathbone sneers at me as I walk in.

I just keep walking and I have to bite my tongue to keep from cussing his ass out.

After I put my stuff up, I put on my headset and grab a rack of clothes that need to be put up.

As I'm walking out I see Nick walk in. I'm about to go and say hey but then I realize that he's not alone. I hide behind the rack so he won't see me. He was holding hands with a girl that I recognized from school, but I didn't know her name. Just then Nick leaned in and kissed her smack on the lips. Oh hell no! I left the rack of clothes right there and walked straight up to him.

" Hey Nick.," I say bitterly.

" Kimberley!" he says surprised to see me, " I was ju-," he says but I cut him off.

" You know I'd beat the shit out of you right now if I weren't working.," I say trying not to yell.

" Hey don-," I cut him off again.

" Here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna dump whoever the hell that is" I nod angerly in the direction of the girl from school, " and you're going to take Erin to the fair tomorrow night. And if she ever finds out about this, so help me God, I WILL beat the shit out of you!," I say barely keeping my cool.

I turn around and stomp off towards the rack of clothes that I abandoned as Nick stares at my back like an idiot.

" Oh," I say turning around, " and if I ever see you with her again, well, let's just say you better hope that I don't find out where you live.," I say, grinning when he flinches at my words.

I walk off, totally happy with myself. I look over my shoulder just in time to see the girl slap Nick in the face and storm out towards the parking lot.

Nick looks back at me to see me laughing and what he says next makes it that much harder to not make a seen with him.

" You're such a fucking bitch!," he snapped bitterly.

" Uh, excuse me? You wanna repeat that?," I say walking back towards him.

He must be scared of me now because he turned around and practically ran out of the store.

" What a wimp.," I say to myself as I get back to work. Oh Zack is so gonna laugh about this. Well, after we talk about college.


Just as I'm leaving, my cell phone rings.

I'm in the business of misery

Lei's take it from the top

She's got a body like an hour glass

It's ticking like a clock

It's a matter of time

Before we all run out

Where the hell is that damn phone?

When I thought he was mine

She caught him by the mouth

It took her eight long months

She finally set him free

I told him I couldn't lie

He was the only one for me

I stopped walking to look for the damn thing.

Two weeks and we'd caught on fire

She's got it out for me

But I was the biggest smile

I finally found the damn thing at the bottom of my purse.

" Hello?," I say irritated with myself.

" Hey. Where are you?," Zack asks.

" I'm on my way. I'll be there in like ten minutes.

" Ok, cool. I'll see you when you get here.," he says.

" K. Bye.,"

" Bye.," he says and I hang up the phone.

God, it is so damn cold tonight.

When I get in the car I crank up the heat and the radio.

Feeling like this could only mean

I'm sinking

Feeling like this could only mean

I'm sinking

Every time I see your clothes

Scattered out on the floor

I say I thought you would be home

You said you never would be gone

Every time I see the light burning on the porch

I say I thought you would be home

You said you never would be gone

But you are, you are

I pull up in my driveway and I had just turned the car off and grabbed my bag when the car door flew open.

All of a sudden I was lifted out of the car.

I was about to start screaming when I realized that it was Zack.

"What the hell are you doing?" I ask laughing.

He threw me over his shoulder and ran up the steps. He walks into the house and still doesn't put me down. Instead, he runs up the stairs to my room and throws me on the bed.

It takes me like five minutes to catch my breath because I was laughing so hard.

" What the hell was that about?" I ask still laughing hysterically, " wait, let me guess, just like old times, right." I say finally getting my laughing under control.

" Yeah.," he said laughing at himself.

I get up off the bed and take my coat off and just throw my stuff on the floor. I walk out into the hall and say over my shoulder, " Come on. We need to talk about that scholarship.,"

Zack sighs and reluctantly follows me. I guess he thought that whole thing just now would make me forget about it. Well he sure as hell thought wrong.

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