Vampire Love

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We walk into the kitchen and I pour us each a glass of water.

" Ok, so why aren't you taking the scholarship?," I just come right out and ask him.

He just looks at me and I can tell that he's irritated with me.

" Well are you gonna tell me or not?," I ask starting to get irritated with him.

He sighs and shakes his head.

" Because I just want to take a year off.," he says.

" But then you won't have a scholarship when you finally do go," I say on the verge of yelling at him, " are you just gonna pay for it yourself?," I ask.

" Look Kimberley!" he yells, " it's not your decision to make if I go to college this year or not!," he says still yelling.

He must have seen the look of shock and hurt on my face because he starts walking towards me trying to hug me. But I just push him away and go upstairs.

He follow me, but I don't really care. I sit on my bed and pull my knees up to my chest. He sits down next to me and outs his hand on my arm. Wow, that was the first time he'd ever yelled at me like that.

" Kimberley.," he says. But I don't say or do any thing.

" Kimberley, look at me.," he says softly

He put his hand under my chin and made me look at him. I fought him for a second but then I just gave up.

" I'm sorry, but there's so many reasons why I can't go to college right now.," he says letting go of my chin and hugging me.

" Like what?," I ask quietly.

He looks at me for a second and then says, " You'll find out soon enough.,"

" So" he says changing the subject, " wanna watch Twilight?," he asks knowing that it's my favorite movie and that I would never turn down an opportunity to watch it.

" Sure.," I say smiling as I get off the bed and we head downstairs.


I must have fallen asleep during the movie because I woke up in my bed. I guess Zack must have carried me upstairs. Specking of Zack, where is he? I look at my alarm clock and its only 12:15 so I get up and put on my favorite pajamas before I head downstairs.

All the lights were off so I didn't think that any one was down there. But then I heard a soft snoring and walked into the living room and turned on the light.

I guess Zack hadn't been asleep long because he started to stir.

He finally opened his eyes and I walked over to the couch.

" You know you could sleep in my room.," I say.

" Seriously? You seriously want me to sleep in your bed with you?," he asked.

" Why not? We used to sleep in the bed together when we were kids all the time" I say, "and besides, you're a big scary football player, you keep the bad dreams away.," I say smiling.

He laughs sleepily.

" Ok" he says standing up and I notice that he's shirtless, " and by the way, your mom said I could stay here for the week if I wanted.," he says following me upstairs.

" Cool.," I say.

We get in my bed and I was halfway asleep when I felt his arm go around my waist. Whatever. I was to tired to care.

When I woke up the next morning, Zack was still asleep and he still had his arm around my waist.

I tried to move his arm as gently as I could and not wake him. It didn't work.

" Oh, sorry" I said, " I didn't mean to wake you.," I say getting up and going to my closet to get my clothes.

" Hey, can I take a shower before you.," he asked me.

I throw my clothes on the bed and nod my head before I go downstairs to make breakfast.

I was just putting and omelet on Zack's plate when he walked into the kitchen.

" That smells good," he sais as he sat down, " thank you.," he said smiling.

" You're welcome.," I call over my shoulder as I head upstairs to take a shower.

I had just gotten dressed and was putting my makeup on when Zack came back upstairs.

" That was good. You should be a chief.," he said.

" Haha, very funny. You know I want to be a vet.," I say.

" Yeah, but you would be a good chief too.," he said as I walked out of the bathroom.

" Hey, I gotta go. Do you need my key," I ask, " wait, never mind. You can use the spare. It's under the flowerpot on the front porch. If you forget where it is just call me. Ok?," I say in a rush.

" K, bye.," he says.

" Bye.," I say as I rush out the door.


As I'm pulling into the school parking lot, I see Erin. I hurry up and find a spot. Then I hop out and run to catch up with her locking the car doors behind me.

" Hey!" I say

" Hey!" she says.

" OMG! I cannot wait until tonight!," I practically yell.

" I know!," she say just as loud.

Then we both start jumping up and down hugging each other and squealing.

" Isn't it a little early to be that hyper?," a familiar asks from behind us.

I turn around and, knowing it's Tyler, stick my tongue out.

Then I just laugh and give him a hug. Erin spots Nick and says, " I'll see you later.," as she walks off she winks at me.

I look over at Nick and he's glaring at me. Tyler must have noticed that I was staring because he looked to.

" Wow, what's that about?," he asks still staring at Nick.

" Oh nothing," I say, " I just might have threatened to kill him yesterday.," I say laughing as I remembered the look on his face yesterday.

" And why did you do that.," he asks laughing to.

" It's a long story.," I say as Tyler puts hi arm around me and we head off to class.

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