Vampire Love

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In my nightmare I was running away from something in the woods. And I was terrified. I stopped running to look around. And then I heard his voice.

" You can't hide from me."

I whipped around and looked into his eyes.

Zack's eyes.

All of a sudden, he grabbed me and bit into my neck.

I woke up screaming, covered in sweat.

I must have woken Erin up because she started screaming and fell out of the bed.

I realized then that I was shaking too hard to do anything, so I just sat there, trying not to start crying.

Erin stands up holding her back.

" What the hell?"

Then she notices me shaking and I must have had a look of pure terror on my face because her face got soft and she sat back down on the bed.

" What's wrong?"

" I had a nightmare."

" I can see that." she pauses like she's not gonna continue, then she says, " You wanna talk about it?"

I shake my head because all of a sudden my throat's gone all tight and my eyes start to fill with tears.

" Ok." she says and lays back down and I swear she's asleep before her head even hit's the pillow.

I try to go to sleep too, but every time I close my eyes, things start to play back again.

So I just get up and decide to get on my laptop instead.

I get on Myspace and see that I have a bunch of messages and friend requests and comments.

I try to read all the messages that aren't forwards, but I wish I wouldn't have read any at all. Because most of what I red said stuff like " Are you ok?" and " I'm so sorry about what happened." I really don't need people's pity right now. Actually, come to think of it, I need the exact opposite of it.

So I decide to quit reading them and look at the friend requests.

Most of them are people from school or friends from my old school. I accepted all of them except one.

And that's because I never want to talk to that asshole again.

His name is Macon Travis and he used to be Taylor's best friend. The whole time me and Taylor were going out he was always trying to get in my pants.

One day he came up behind me and grabbed my ass. So I turned around and bitch slapped him. And Taylor was standing there and saw him do it too. And he didn't do a damn thing except laugh. So I bitch slapped him to. I wouldn't talk to Taylor for a week.

I didn't even bother to look at the comments because I know exactly what they're gonna say. And I think I'll break down if I read another pity comment for me.

I don't know how long I was on Myspace, but by the time I got bored, the sun was already starting to come up. I didn't hear Erin wake up so when she said my name, I jumped so bad I almost fell out the damn chair.

She started laughing at me, and I for one, didn't think it was funny at all.

She got up and went to take a shower still laughing. I decided that I needed some fresh air so I went out on my balcony.

I stood there looking out at the sky and for some reason I didn't even notice Zack. But I didn't jump when he spoke either.

" Kimberley, we need to talk."

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