Vampire Love

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Well I'm not supposed to be on the computer because my dad's a jackass so it'll take me a while to upload the next few chapters.

I still have writers block so I hope this is actually a good chapter.

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I continued to sit there and cry for over an hour.

When I think that I've finally calmed down enough, I start looking for my cell phone.

I have to dump everything out of my damn purse just to find the damn thing.

I dial Erin's number and swear to myself that I won't break down all over again.

As soon as I hear her say " Hello?" I start sniffling. And when she says " Kimberley? Are you ok?" I completely lose it.

" Ill be over in a sec."

I nod my head and then remember that we're on the phone and she can't see me.

I barely manage to choke out " Ok" before I realize that she's already hung up.

I go back to my spot on the floor and pull my knees up to my chest. I sit there and cry for a good 10 minutes before I hear the doorbell ring. I know it's Erin but I don't get up.

I hear someone coming up the stairs and assume it's Erin. But it turns out to be Tyler.

When he sees me on the floor he looks at me with so much worry, it's all I can to do keep from breaking down again.

He comes over to me and tries to hug me, but I just push his arms away.

He just kneels there looking at me at a loss for words.

" Kimberley, I'm so-" Tyler starts to say but I cut him off.

" Don't."

I hate the way he looks at me but I can't stand for anyone to tell me that their sorry.

We sit there for a while and I finally hear Erin's car pull up. A minute later she's standing in the doorway to my room. When I see her I can't hold it in anymore and I break down again. She runs over to me and hugs me tightly to her. I see Tyler's shoulders rise and then fall again and I assume Erin asked him what was wrong.

" Kimberley, sweetie, what's wrong?" Erin asked me gently.

" He - he" is all I can manage to say before I'm drowned out by more crying.

" He what?"

" He- he's a-a-alive!" I wail.

Tyler suddenly goes all stiff.

" Who's alive?"

" Zack."

I hear Erin say " Oh my God." No one said anything for a while. Erin just sat there rocking me back and forth saying that everything was ok. My crying finally died down to hiccupping and Tyler went and got me some water. Erin finally convinces me to lie down in the bed. Tyler comes back with my water and I chug half the bottle right there. Damn. Crying sure takes a lot out of you.

Erin and Tyler go out into the hall for a sec and apparently they think that I can't hear them.

" You go home, I'll stay with her tonight. I don't think she can handle being alone right now. I know I wouldn't be able to." Erin said.

" Ok." that was all Tyler said and I hear the front door close.

Erin came in and grabbed some of my pajamas and then came and laid next to me.

" Are you ok?" she asked me obviously concerned.

I nodded my head because I was afraid that if I opened my mouth to talk that I'd start crying all over again.

She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. That's the last thing I remember before I fall asleep.

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