Vampire Love

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For all of ya'll who want to kno who the vampire is, I promise ya'll find out soon.

And by the way there is more than one, but that's all I'm gonna tell!! lol

Also, check out erinbear_13's stories!! They r so awesome!!!


I could hardly wait for tonight, so I really couldn't think about anything else . Maybe that's why I

got in trouble.... again. I was sitting in math class not paying attention, as usual, when Mrs. Stokes started yelling at me.

" Kimberley! You better start paying attention, you're grades are hanging by a thread as it

is! And the next time I have to tell you that, you'll be staying after school for a month!," she says

with that stupid ass smile still plastered on her face.

A lot of oooooooooooooo's started going around the class. I looked around the room and everyone

was staring at me, including Tyler.

" Do you understand?," she asked.

" Yes ma'am.," I say rolling my eyes.

Just then the bell rang and I was the first one out the door. God I hate that woman. Tyler finally

caught up with me.

" Damn, you walk to fast.," he says as he puts his arm around my waist.

" Well, that's what happens when you hate your teacher.," I say slowing down so Tyler wouldn't have to walk so fast.

I head to my locker so I can put my stuff up. Tyler tells me that he'll meet me in the lunch room after he puts his stuff up.

I say cool and close my locker and then head for the lunch room.

I see Erin at our usual table and I head over to the table and put my purse down before grabbing a bottle of Gatorade and a bag of pretzels. Then I sit down and Erin starts talking immediately.

" So, what are you planning to wear tonight?," she asks.

" I was planning on wearing my skinny jeans with the holes and my dark purple All Time Low

t-shirt. What were you planning on wearing?," I ask her.

" I can't decide. I'm either wearing my dark blue skinny jeans with the black Paramore t-shirt or the teal skinny jeans with a plain white shirt. Which one do you think I should wear?," she asks me, right as Tyler walks in.

" I'll have to see you in them first. So bring both outfits tonight.," I say smiling as Tyler sits down next to me and puts his arm around my shoulders.

Erin starts looking around the lunch room.

" Who are you looking for?," I ask.

" Nick. He said he had something to tell me.," she said.

Uh-oh,. I need to find him first, because I have a feeling that he was going to tell her about yesterday. So I start looking around the room to. As I'm about to give up I see him walk through the door.

" I'll be right back.," I say as I get up from the table, not even bothering to wait for a response.

I head towards the door grabbing Nick by the front of his shirt as I go by.

" Hey! What the hell are you doing?," he asks grabbing my wrist.

" What are you going to tell Erin?," I ask letting go of his shirt.

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