Vampire Love

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Oh, my God! I can't wait to talk to Erin about this. That is if she'll still talk to me. Whatever, she knows I don't like to talk about him. Well, hopefully she'll be happy for me.

"Hey Erin!,'" I say and sit down next to her at the lunch table.

" Heyy.," she says all happy.

Yes! I guess she's not still mad at me. Or, she has her own good news. I don't know, she looks like she has the best news she could have ever gotten.

" Ok, spill.," I say, because she looks so excited she's that about the freakin bust.

" He asked me out!," she squealed.

" Who just asked you out?," I ask, starting to get worried that it might have been Tyler.

No. She wouldn't do that to me. I mean she's my best friend.

" Relax.," she says.

She must have seen me starting to freak out.

" It was Nick!," she was back to squealing.

" Wait, Nick Strauss?," I ask not believing what I was hearing.

" Yeah." she says face dropping a little, " why what's wrong with Nick.," she asks.

Wow, I had no idea she even liked him.

" Oh, nothing, I just didn't know you liked him.," I say.

All of a sudden all conversation stopped in the cafeteria. I looked up and Tyler was walking in not seeming to notice that everyone was just staring at him. I guess he's used to it or something. Because if it was me, I'd be freaking out.

" Look, there's your man.," Erin says.

" Shut up.," I say feeling myself start to blush.

God, I hate the fact that I blush so easily. It's so annoying.

" Oh my God! He's coming over here, Kimberley!," she squealed.

I look up and sure enough, here he comes.

" Hey." Tyler says standing right next to the table, " can I sit down.," he asks politely.

" Sure.," I say a little overly excited.

I think he noticed because he started laughing. Ugh, I could feel myself blushing again, which only made him laugh even harder.

" Well speak of the devil, Erin. Here comes YOUR man.," I say laughing in my head about the way her face looked.

When she looked up I could see her face turning red. See, that's what you get, I laughed at her in my head. I'd forgotten all about Tyler sitting next to me until he nudged me in the side.

" Hey, do you want to go out some time?" he asks, " I mean, I know it's my first day and all, but I really like you.," he said.

I can just feel my face getting red.... again. God, I never thought that he would ask me out! I figured I'd be at the bottom of that list. I mean it's not like I'm hideous or anything, but it's not like I'm perfect like Karson. Ha, Karson. Just wait until she finds out that for once I got the hot guy.

I look over at Erin and she's staring at with wide eyes.

" Say yes!," she mouths.

I look at her for a second and then I slowly nod my head.

" Sure.," I say.

Hell yeah I thought. Now, I can make Him jealous. He'll be sorry that he ever cheated on me.

" Good, so the fair's in town. Do you want to go tomorrow night?," he asks smiling like he already knows the answer.

" Yeah.," I say smiling.

" Ok, I'll pick you up at seven, ok?," he says getting up.

" Yeah.," I think that's the only word I can say at this point.

He nods and walks off. Oh. My. God! I can't believe I have a date with him! Me and Erin jump up at the same time and start squealing and hugging each other. Kyle just sits there staring at us like we've lost our damn minds. I do the childish thing and stick my tongue out at him. He just starts laughing.

" Oh, my God, Kimberley!," Erin practically yells.

" I know!" I say just as loud, " hey Erin?," I say.

" Yeah?," she asks.

" Will you two go on a double date with me?," I ask hopefully.

" I will, if Nick wants to. What do you think, Nick?," she asks Nick sweetly.

" Sure. Why not?," he says.

Me and Erin start jumping up and down all over again. Nick just sits there laughing his ass off. And eventully, we start laughing too.

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