Vampire Love

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" I cannot believe how hot he is!," my best friend exclaimed. " Erin, how many times do I have to tell you that I saw him first?," I said. " Well it's not my fault that you chose an extremely hot guy."

"Whatever, he's still mine," I said.

The kid we've been talking about is the new hot guy, Tyler, and unfortunately for my best friend I saw him first. He is so hot! He's got this really hot, athletic body. Blue eyes and brown curly hair with blonde streaks in it. If only all the guys here were as half as hot as him. He even looks better than my ex. And that is a long, ugly story that I don't even want to get into.

" So, you're already over what's his name?," Erin asked.

"Yeah, I am. And for the millionth time, stop talking about him!!!," I yell.

I hate to yell at my best friend, but I'm tired of everyone always asking me if I'm over him yet. The pained look she gives me next makes me wish I hadn't said a word.

" Look, I'm sorry for yelling at you, but you know I hate to talk about him.," I say, hoping that she won't be mad at me.

" No, it's fine. I don't like to talk about my ex either. I never should have brought it up.," she says.

She's mad at me, I can tell. We've been friends for so long that I can tell when she's mad at me.

" Well, I have to go to class, so I'll see you later.," I give her a smile.

" Ok, I'll see you later.," she calls as she grabs her stuff and walks off.

Dammit, I need to work on handling Him a little better. I always end up yelling at people when they bring him up. I can't help it.

" Hey, can you help me find my class?," an unfamiliar voice asks.

" Holy shit!!," I scream and whirl around.

" Whoa! I'm sorry I scared you." says Tyler.

" No, that's ok. Who's class do you have?," I ask, heart still feeling like it's going to leap out of my chest.

" Umm, M. Cain? I think it's science.," he says.

"Yeah, it is. I have her next. But I have to warn you, that woman's a little crazy.," I say.

" Well, she can't be as bad as my old science teacher.," he laughs.

" Ha, I wouldn't be to sure about that.," I say as we start walking towards class.

Wow, I can't believe I'm actually talking to him! I never thought I'd actually be talking to him. Oh my God, I can't wait to tell Erin, well, if she's not still mad at me.

" So, what's your name?," he asks curiously.

" Kimberley, it's spelled ley at the end. Sorry, I just hate how no one spells it right.," I say feeling my face get a little red.

"No that's cool. I'm Tyler, by the way.," he says laughing a little.

" Oh, I know." I blurt like an idiot before I can stop myself.

Great, now he's going to think I'm some kind of stalker. Well, damn. God, why am I so stupid? Well, it won't be the first time that someone thinks I'm a stalker.

" And how did you already know?," he asks, not seeming to think I'm a stalker one little bit, just honestly curious.

" Well, people talk.," I say, getting red again.

" Ahh, I see. And you just happened to know that I was the new kid just by looking at me?," he says.

" Well, no guy here is really is drop dead gorgeous. So, I knew that you had to be the new kid.," I say. Once again, the words just tumble out before I can stop them.

I swear to God. I always do this. Ugh, I hate how I just can't keep my stupid mouth shut.

" Oh. So you think I'm drop dead gorgeous?," he asks, making me blush even more.

" Well, I mean... ," I trail off and start fidgeting with my hands.

We walk in an awkward silence for awhile. Well, it was awkward for me, Tyler was grinning the whole time.

" Well, here we are.," I say breaking the silence.

As we were walking in, I noticed that everyone was staring at us. Well, not so much me as they were Tyler.

I sit down at my lab table and start looking for my homework. Did I even do it? Oh, God. What if that evil bitch puts Tyler right next to me?

I mean yeah I think he's hot and I called him and everything. But God he is so hot and I don't think I stand a chance with him.

" All right class, listen up.," Mrs. Cain says. And of course no one listens

" Hey! Shut up!," she yells. Everyone sure as hell shut up then.

" This is Tyler, he just got here from California.," she says. " Tyler why don't you go have a seat next to Ian.," she says.

Yes! Thank God!

" No, I changed my mind. Go sit next to Kimberley.," she says.

Bitch! I scream in my mind. Ugh, I hate that woman. She's already failing me and now she does this.

Oh well. At least I get to sit next to a hottie. And that'll make Karson extra pissed, especially since she has to sit next to Alan. Ugh! He is so disgusting.

" Hey again.," Tyler says all cheery.

" Hey.," I say a little nervously.

" Don't worry about earlier. It's no big deal.," he says.

" Seriously?," I ask getting a little excited.

Hey, maybe I have a chance with him after all.

" Yeah, it's no big deal.," he says smiling gorgeously.

" Alright everyone, get out your homework.," Mrs. Cain barked.

" Ha, to damn bad I didn't do it.," I said under my breath.

Apparently I wasn't as quiet as I thought I was because Tyler just started laughing.

" What's so funny?," I ask curiously.

" I think I know why she doesn't like you.," he said still laughing.

I'm pretty sure that my face got extra red that time, which only made him laugh that much harder.

" No homework again I see, Miss Kimberley," Mrs. Cain said coldly " One more time and that's detention.,"

" Ok, I'll do it tonight.,"

Or not I thought in my head.

" You're not going to do it are you?," Tyler asked.

" Hell no.," I said.

He just sat there laughing and I let him.

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